The Waco Wine Shoppe is arguably one of the most photogenic locations in Waco. It’s chic, there’s marble and then there’s the coolest couch in Waco.

It’s one of those locations where you walk in and think “how the heck is this in Waco? and how the heck have I not known about it?”

So needless to say, we’re pretty proud of it, and we’re fixing the second part of that statement.

Waco’s Budding Wine Culture

Waco’s Wine culture is growing in two parts, local wine and imported wine. The Shoppe keys in on imported wine in a direct way.

If you go in for their taste testing, you not only get to try exotic wines from around the globe, but you get a story with each variation of wine.

Their knowledge is incredible

To give you a little context, if you follow their Instagram you would have noticed that their owner recently spent a chunk of time in France sipping wine, exploring the cellars…and then bringing some of that wine back to Waco.

If you love Rose (which most people should) they rotate in different variations with different tastes, colors and regions. Meaning you can go in one week to have a bold ruby red Spanish Rose and then go in the next week to have a glass of light, barely pink floral Rose from France.

And with each glass, the person behind the bar gives you the story of wine, the region it came from, whether that particular wine maker is 1st or second generation and the different undertones of flavors you can expect with each sip.

They also serve treats

If you’re lucky enough to get there while their serving an aperitivo, you can expect a wide variety of potential treats from cold cuts to fruits to a medley of cheeses. And then if you’re REALLY lucky you stop by while they’re serving fried chicken.

It literally doesn’t get better than that.

And on a nice day you can check out their back deck and it’s covered with string lights and they’re across the street from one of Waco’s old historic houses giving you and “out of Waco experience.”

Their store hours are “European style” meaning they technically close at 7, but they won’t kick you out because they love the “come and stay a while” mentality.

Their location on Austin Ave is located away from the technical “downtown” area, so it’s just far enough to be a “find” but still very much in the downtown Waco scene.

Check out their social media for updates on new wines, and go check them out. The Waco Wine Shoppe is a #wacowin for sure.