Did the title draw you in? Yes there is a (slight) correlation. This article is about finding your category.

We are very excited about the latest and greatest update to Wacobound. Introducing our new and improved Wacobound Menu, i.e. the mega menu.

We’ve been iffy about our method of categorizing articles for a while. While titles like “Food and Drink” and “Listacles” cover the basics, we thought they were meh at best.

What we love most about our new cataloging system is the definitions it presents. We believe Waco is full of explorers, foodies, funmeisters, shoppers, tourists and students….so that’s who we’re writing to.

To give you a brief definition of each:


This is for the citizens of Waco who love to find new and adventurous things. They know Cameron Park like the back of their hand and they have so many pictures of hidden abandoned Waco gems they’re about to run out of storage. And while they love Waco, they are down to for weekend explorations and road trips.

Articles about undiscovered places, outdoor adventures and then new articles we’re really excited about (name pending)- Weekend Explorations. Waco’s central location is so optimal for weekend trips and we think it’s one of our best assets. #wacoexplorer


This is for the citizens of Waco who love food. Simple as that. Everything from brunch to revitalized fried chicken to locally made wine. This person is all about eating a different restaurants as many times as they can.

Articles about new restaurants, improved restaurants and a lot of listacles. We’ll break down everything from our 10 favorite brunch spots to our 5 favorite breakfast tacos.#wacofoodie


This is for the citizen of Waco who always somehow ends up deciding what to do for the evening. Whether that’s between you and a S.O. or your group of friends, you are always asked “so what are we doing tonight?” It’s a hard job, and we’re here to help. We’re here as your fun-in-Waco resource. There’s plenty of things to do in Waco, you just have to know where to look.

Articles about how to have an all around good time in Waco. This tab will receive a lot of love because it’s our favorite thing to talk about. #wacofunmeister


This is for the citizen of Waco who loves to shop. This includes shopping in all it’s potential. From clothes, to chic downtown stores to antiquing like the Gaine’s, you are all about finding shoppable gems.

Articles about where to shop when, gift guides and walkable shopping experiences. We are all about supporting the local economy, so the more you #shopWaco the better. #wacoshopper


This is a citizen of Waco who’s just trying to get their degree and have a good time while they’re here. You feel like you could see yourself staying in Waco post-grad, and we are here to say yes. Yes, you should choose Waco.

Articles about things like how to properly use your student discount, how to plug into the community before graduation and where you should study with good wifi. #wacostudent


This is for all the people of the world who are here to see what Waco is all about. You’re here to see Magnolia, Baylor or the Mammoths and you want to experience as much of Waco as your time allots.

Articles about how to get the most of Waco in the shortest time possible. We’re here to show you the culture of Waco and convince you that it’s the best culture in the world and you should consider moving from the tourist category to being a citizen. #wacotourist

We are particularly excited about this method of categorization because it not only shows the people of Waco, but the culture of Waco. We are all about curating, capturing and showcasing the culture of Waco.

We think Waco’s culture is distinctly unique to anywhere else in the world. We believe in local coffee shops, pretty design, family values and we do it at our own pace.

Waco occasionally gets asked if we want to be Dallas or Austin when we grow up. Our answer, neither. Waco is Waco and we are extremely excited about the direction it’s going in.

So, all that being said, we’re excited about the new Wacobound Mega Menu because we think it’s the first step in the direction of our attempt to document the culture of Waco.

Carry on Waco, we can’t wait to see what you do next.