No time to slow down, Wacotown. Silobration may have just ended, but we have Baylor Homecoming right around the corner! This weekend will be packed with starry-eyed alumni, resilient football fanatics and prodigal sons/daughters returning home to sweet, sweet Waco.

For those Baylor alumni who are returning for the first time maybe since the last homecoming or even potentially further back than that, there’s a lot of new things to see in our great city. So check out our list below of awesome places and things happening all weekend both Baylor and beyond.

Pigskin Review

As one of Baylor’s biggest traditions, what would Homecoming be without watching the top eight acts of the 2017 Sing season re-perform at Waco Hall?? Pigskin will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, times vary, and you can purchase your tickets ahead of time online.

Bowling for Soup (really? the band? yes.)

That’s right, Bowling for Soup will be performing Thursday night at the Backyard 8:30pm-10:30pm. Go grab your baggy t-shirts, lather your hair in far too much hair gel, and rock out to some of the 90s best which ironically is a song called 1985… You can purchase tickets online for this as well or purchase them at the door.

White Buffalo Market

A new addition to our awesome downtown list of events, the White Buffalo Market is a new monthly market of antiques, craft goods and other amazing products that’ll take place the third weekend of every month. The event is Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm!

Brunch and the Farmers Market

Clear staples now on our weekend calendars in Waco, you wouldn’t be doing it right without a pit stop to one of the many delicious breakfast options in downtown and around the city. And after you wrap up eating, head on over to the Farmers Market now located in the parking lot in front of Dichotomy (5th & Austin). If you need an idea for where to go for brunch, check out some of our favorites here.

Pinewood Roasters

There’s clearly a ton to do this weekend and you’ll probably need some coffee to keep you going. Rather than grabbing your typical Starbucks, why not swing by the new Pinewood Roaster location in Uptown (2223 Austin Ave.) and support our awesome local entrepreneurs. They’ve got a killer ambiance thanks to their outdoor patio and rockstar vinyl collection. You might find yourself sitting down for a while if you’re not careful.

Gather, 108, Mary Market

These are just a few of our favorite new shops around town that have popped up since Homecoming last year. There are many other great places to check out though so if you get the chance, hop on the Silo Trolley and ride around Waco to visit all of the amazing shops. If you need help finding the trolley, go here.

Clay Pot

A Baylor classic, Clay Pot has moved from its old location on the other side of I-35 to its new location in Downtown! They’re right in between Barnetts and True Love. Its the perfect blend of nostalgia and newness for Waco, go check them out!

Bonfire, Parades, & Football

And of course, don’t forget to celebrate the green and gold that runs through your veins by going to the Homecoming Bonfire (Friday, 7-10pm), Parade (Saturday,8-11am), and Baylor Football v. West Virginia (Saturday, 7-10pm).

It’s gonna be one heck of a weekend, Wacotown. Let’s have a great time and welcome back all of our old friends!!

Want to see what else is going on around town, check out our master list of things to do around town while your in Waco!