Dogs hate staying home alone all day. Lucky for them, Waco is becoming more and more dog friendly every day. Here are our favorite dog-friendly spots in Waco, all tested and endorsed by the resident Wacobound pups.

*Before taking your dog out, please make absolutely sure your dog is leashed, has manners, and is good with all kinds of people, animals, and other distractions!*


The Farmer’s Market

This is one of my dog’s top favorite places to go. A lot of the booths keep treats, and some even give your dog a bite of the good stuff (shout out to Milo, Marlow says thanks for the bacon). It can get a little noisy and crowded, so make sure that’s something your dog is okay with before you go.


Outside at Common Grounds/Heritage/Milo

The gravel backyard at Common Grounds, the back porch at Heritage, and the tables outside of Milo are all great places to hang out or study with your pup.


Dichotomy Porch

For the more professional pup, take them to work or study with you on the porch at Dichotomy!


Katie’s Custard

If you ask, Katie’s will give you tiny, puppy-sized cone so your dog can match you! Needless to say, that makes it another top favorite.


Cajun Craft

God bless great local restaurants with outdoor seating.


The Food Truck Park off the River

Outdoor seating saves the day again.



If you’re trying to socialize your dog more, this is the ideal place to do it. There are people of all ages and, often, a lot of dogs as well.



Need to do a little shopping? Dog visitors are heavily encouraged at Wildland!



This isn’t a local Waco spot, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about those famous Puppichinos we keep seeing. The Starbucks on the corner of 35 & Valley Mills has a nice covered porch that’s perfect for summer hangs with your pup.


While it’s nice to be able to take your dog with you when you go to these spots, don’t forget to also do active things that your dog would love!


Cameron Park

If you’re looking for the absolute best place to go walk your dog, this is it. It has beautiful scenery for you, and lots of new nature smells for your dog.


Baylor’s campus

Honestly, the college students you pass might even enjoy seeing your dog more than your dog actually even enjoys being there.


HOT Dog Park

This is a great, secure place for your dog to run and play with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. We’ll go ahead and warn you- your dog is going to get muddy. However, this dog park has stations where you can do a quick bath, but come prepared to travel back with a wet dog.


You are your dog’s whole world. And they’ll love you even more if you let them be a bigger part of yours. 
And, if you have a dog, you’ll know that’s a wholeee lot.