The stars have aligned this weekend in Waco and it will quite literally be one of the biggest weekends we as a city have ever experienced. Spring at the Silos, Texas Food Truck Showdown, G-Troupe’s Improv show, Farmers Market Mini-versary, and St. Patrick’s Day all fall on the calendar this weekend.

That may not seem like a big deal, but you are wrong. We also have the additional fact being that the rest of the world is on spring break right now, and as we pointed out in a previous post—Waco is a new spring break hot spot.

Over 150,000 people are expected to be coming into town this weekend for all the events going on. OUR CITY POPULATION IS AROUND 130,000 FOR REFERENCE.

Moral of the story—preparation is key. In order to maximize this weekend, gather up info and get your game plan ready.

Whether you live here, you’re here for business, or you’re simply one of our traveling guests, make sure you don’t miss a thing by checking out this Waco weekend guide.

Texas Food Truck Showdown

This is a big deal for Waco. Waco’s Chamber of Commerce put together this event a few years ago and it has blossomed into a culinary battle of the trucks. There are 40 different food trucks coming from across the state of Texas (last year Gourdoughs from Austin won) and you can try all of them.

In order to maximize your ability to try alllll the food, they use a ticket system and serve a sample of their competing dish. This allows you to move from food truck to food truck without waddling your way out.

Downtown Waco Farmers Market Mini-Versary & Homemade Market

To celebrate the anniversary of their downtown location, the Downtown Waco Farmers Market is hosting a celebration with a featured “handmade market” featuring different artisan vendors from our great city. Just another cherry on top in this weekend of great events going on around town and a definite must see.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday is just about as lucky as finding a four-leaf clover. Don’t waste it, people. This isn’t supposed to happen again until 2029. Most bars will be doing a special of some sorts, so be sure to check your favorite pub to see if their beer will be extra festive this Saturday.


It is only fitting that they’re going all out for this holiday. Follow along on their insta stories as they pull together the ultimate party prep. These guys are doing it right and they may or may not be doing an outside beer garden.

Pinewood Roasters

Three words:

Pinewood is serving up free green beer starting at 8 pm and we are, once again, ever thankful for their understanding of our demographic. Hats off to you, Pinewood.

Spring at the Silos

The thing that we appreciate so much about Spring at the Silos is that not only is it responsible for bringing in 60% (if not more) of the visitors to Waco, but they also brought incredible vendors from across the country for us to be able to shop.

But this is the best part—these vendors are all artisans, meaning that their product is truly one-of-a-kind. You can’t find these goods at Target, my friends. (although all hail target) There is no ticket required for entry and you should really check it out. Plus, all the beautiful tulips are in bloom and that is a festive site to see.

G Troupe’s St. Patrick’s Day Improv Show

This is one of our favorite little Waco treasures. The Baylor Theater department puts on a “Who’s line is it anyway?” style shows that inevitably leaves us belly laughing to the point of sore abs. The tickets are cheap, the atmosphere is lively and you are sure to have a good time.

This weekend they’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day themed show so wearing green is highly encouraged. Tickets are only $3 (yes, incredible) and showtimes are  Friday at 8 pm & 10 pm and then on Saturday at 10:30 pm.

Wherever you end up this weekend, enjoy the fun times, the great weather, and make sure to help out any confused looking tourists that might be first-timers in our awesome city. Have a great weekend and see you out there!