Summers in Waco are the best, and as much as we try to hold on to them, it always has to end. The last weekend of summer is upon us so here are twelve things to do before our time runs out.

So celebrate your last true weekend of independence to its fullest. The end of summer bucket list for Waco: take it on, conquer it and make the most of the rest of summer.

Tonkwa Falls Excursion

If you haven’t spent at least one afternoon out in the Crawford oasis of a hidden gem in Waco, you haven’t fully experienced a Waco summer. Grab some friends, sunscreen, and a volleyball and head out on highway 6 for a little Waco surprise.

Coco’s Snow Cone

It is too hot in Waco to go a whole summer without grabbing a snow cone from Cocos. They have multiple locations, every flavor you could want, and the original location on Bosque has a playground. There’s no better way to end a summer day than a trip to Cocos.

Slippery Minnow Burger and Fries

The Slippery Minnow is one of those things you have to be a true local to uncover. Their hours are a little hard to track down, but predominantly because they are heavily dependent on the weather and the state of the lake. The summer of 2015 was a hard one, flood levels rose so high they were out for the count. But this summer they triumphantly return and their burgers (and gator shots) are a true #wacowin. And it’s like a scavenger hunt to locate them, so go make it a date and head to Lake Waco!

Heritage Creamery Scoop – Balcones Edition

It’s nothing new to associate summer with ice cream, but the real deal here is the fact that Heritage created flavors that incorporate two different Balcones releases. And we can tell you they are incredible. Local ice cream, local whisky…all delicious.

Sunset at Lake Waco

Texas skies seem even bigger during the summer. The sunsets are vibrant and we are spoiled by them. The only thing that makes them better is watching them set over Lake Waco. If you haven’t experienced this yet, you need to get yourself out there and experience one of the most beautiful natural elements of Waco.

Farmer’s Market Blackberries

It’s ok, we’re guilty of it too. Walking up and down the Farmers Market with the full intention of buying something and then walking away empty-handed with over-analysis-paralysis. So start small, go get blackberries. The Farmers Market flourishes in the summer. Produce is everywhere and it looks incredible. The blackberries we encountered were plump and perfect and make a great cobbler. If you don’t like blackberries, go for a melon. It’s always a good thing to support local, and you can’t get more direct than the Farmers Market. (be sure to bring cash!)

Bonnie’s Nursery Succulents

Taking a trip out to Bonnie’s Nursery is just one of things you have to do as a Wacoan. It’s tucked away over in the La Vega and offers a large variety of goodies that are really well priced. If you don’t have a green thumb, check out their cute little succulents. You can keep those alive for a while and they’re pretty trendy at the moment.

BSR Park’s Lazy River

It’s hot in Waco, there’s no doubt about that. But lucky for us, the lazy river at BSR is a great way to cool off. Grab your group and head out for an afternoon of indulging in the cooler water and getting a good tan!

Biking along Cameron Park River Front

Bike rides during the summertime are a staple. Texas heat makes it a little more difficult, so just switch up your location. Take your bikes along the riverfront of Cameron Park where it’s nice and shaded and cool.


There’s no better way to end a summer day than a scoop of ice cream smashed between two giant cookies. If you haven’t had Pokey-O’s yet this summer you’re wrong. That’s that.

Grab a Downtown McGregor Cuppicake

The great thing about Waco is that it doesn’t take a super far drive to feel like you’re in a whole new town. Summer’s are made for road trips, so grab your gang and head to McGregor for Cuppicakes. They’re absolutely delicious and well worth the drive.

Take the trolley like a tourist

This is actually a really fun thing to do as a local- park downtown by one of the Silo District stops, hop on the silo trolley and catch your free ride around downtown. Roam around each of the stops, grab some food truck goodies while you’re at the Silos and listen to the tourist admire our city. There’s nothing like listening to an outsider’s view of the city to make you love where you live!

Summer may almost be over, but we can make the most of it while it’s still here. Happy exploring, Waco!

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