Finals are almost complete, meaning seniors are about to approach the golden week of college.

For most people, you’re starting to realize you’ll never have to take another test in your life, homework is no more….and, unfortunately, you’ve only got a few days left in our cute little city.

You have two options: read our previous article to convince yourself to stay here, or get all your favorite Waco things in one more time.


You never truly realize how great local Waco restaurants are until you leave. Don’t miss your last opportunity to grab Waco’s go-to grub.

Schmaltz– Get the large sandwich, you know you want to. And since it’s your last time you can justify the extra food.

Dubl-R’s, Kitok’s and Cupp’s– They’re college staples that somehow you haven’t located yet. But you want to be able to reminisce with everyone, so load up on your local Waco burger joints.

Cajun Craft– You’re low-key bitter they got super cool right as you’re leaving, so go enjoy it while you can.

Olive Branch and Cafe Cap– You know you’ll come back and grab breakfast here every homecoming opportunity so this isn’t good-bye… it’s a see you later.

Heritage– We are 100 percent spoiled by the quality of their ice cream and it is very distressing to think about not getting to have it anymore.

Food Trucks– You know your favorites. Whether it’s Pokey-O’s, Milo, Co-town Crepes, Cheddar Box or any of the other absolutely incredible options, you need to say your good-byes.

The Mix– They taught you to love brussel sprouts and you are eternally grateful. Pay your respects and get the feta fries.

Shorty’s– This is truly tragic. Where will you get a pizza pillow and a pitcher of beer for under $10? No where. Grab some friends and pay tribute to our favorite college pizza joint.

Food For Thought– They were always there for you when you were tired of eating fast food. Their cheesy-avo’s will be missed.

George’s– Goodbye, big-O. Goodbye, crazy-wings. Goodbye, El Nino. See you at homecoming.

Coffee– You’ll need to be strategic in planning here to ensure that you get a favorite at every shop. And think of how free you’ll feel walking in to your favorite coffee shop without looking for a plug or quickly scanning to see how many people are on the wifi you’ll need. Not this time, this time you walk in and take the table as far away from a plug as possible and sip your coffee in peace.

The key Beverages– This also needs to be planned strategically to ensure you make all the rounds. You’ll need to fit in a Shorty’s Pitcher, Scruff’s AMF, Fishbowl from Trojan’s, an exotic wine from the Wine Shoppe, an uncomfortably inappropriately named Eskimo Hut “slushy” and a Dichotomy Old Fashioned. (rip muddle pucker)

Chains– While we aim to support local, Torchy’s and THE sonic deserve some of your love too.


Intentionally vague category because, let’s face it, these good-bye’s will be hard.

Movies- Not only is this your last chance at Waco’s incredible movie prices, but it’s a double whammy because it’s your last chance to use your student discount. Take advantage of this while you still have the chance.

Find Tonkwa Falls- You’ve seen the pictures and keep thinking “how the heck is that in Waco?” so go find it with your friends and a packed lunch. It’s a great way to spend a Waco Day.

(This is where we would then say “find the Waco Waterfall” but since it’s technically on private property we can not ‘promote’ said activity.)

Cameron Park– Go for one more run, check out Lover’s Leap one last time, and say your proper good-byes.

Magnolia– This is your last time to go as a ‘local’ so hit the store Wednesday morning as the locals do and take in your last moment with this icon.

Lake Waco Sunset– “Don’t it always seem to go…that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…” so go out for one last sunset because Waco sunsets are actually the best.

Rooftop Adventures- We mean *ahem* downtown explorations.

The Farmers Market– You’re starting to have your favorite vendors right as you’re leaving. It’s ok. Say your goodbyes while you can.

Shopping– While you occasionally ran into the problem of people in Waco having the same clothes as you, once you make it to your new city NO ONE will have the clothes from Waco. Stock up on all our boutique favorites while you can. Anthro and Free People used to have a hint of exclusivity in Waco…but once you’re in the new city where everyone wears all the mall brands, someone will complement your adorable Wildland top. You can casually say “oh yes, thank you. I got it in a boutique in Waco,” and they’ll be envious.

Daily Specials- Find the Piano Man at whatever location he’s at and enjoy his performance one last time. Go enjoy $2 Tuesday at AMF because you’ll never find prices like that again. Claim your #wacotownwednesday grilled cheese one last time.

Graduating seniors, Waco is going to miss you. A lot. And we hope that you’ll miss Waco too.

If the last article didn’t convince you to stay, maybe this one did. But if not, find your favorite local Waco joint and say your goodbyes. You impact this town more than you know, and on behalf of Waco, we thank you.

Cheers to your next adventure, Grads.