On a typical night in downtown, you can find the lights on at our newest downtown jeweler. Up till the wee hours of the night, the new founders of Virage Goldsmiths, Nathan Weekley and Raul Flores, are hustling to stand up their first company.

A bit of background

While it may be their first company to start, they are far from novices. Both Nathan and Raul grew up in the industry learning the meticulous craft from their families and careers at Gholson and San Jose Jewelers. After picking up a few of their own wholesale accounts, they decided to take the bold step out into a downtown brick and mortar to provide a more transparent look (quite literally) into the jewelry making industry.

Inside window of Virage Goldsmiths

How sweet their storefront is

When you walk into their new space, there is a glassless window where you can see directly through to both founders hard at work. Their intentional design for an exposed workshop visible through the front facade of their storefront is one of the coolest concepts to see. Upon walking in, you’re greeted with a friendly hello and a blank canvas on what to talk to them about. They will spend as much time as you want to describe the intricacies of the jewelry making process and what they’re currently working on.

Lobby of Virage Goldsmiths

Lobby of Virage Goldsmiths Inside lobby of Virage Goldsmiths in downtown Waco

One of the coolest elements of the shop is the fact that these guys are doing it all. Not only are they the retail front and the salesmen when you walk in, but their fingers are covered in a dark grey soot from the work they were just doing five minutes prior.

What they can do

They’re still in the process of building out their website and social media presence (but their Instagram is definitely worth checking out) but from a brief conversation, it looks like they can do most anything. To name a few— custom jobs, resizing rings, diamond hunting, ring cleaning and everything else, they’re a one-stop shop.

Workshop of Virage Goldsmiths

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the confusion that can come from larger brand name jeweler chains, you should definitely swing by and check these guys out.

Raul in the workshop at Virage Goldsmiths

And it’s not all just custom work. They recently rolled out a new Waco necklace in two separate variations that are made from Sterling Silver. The front show area displays some of their latest work including the Waco necklace. Said displays also hold a handful of minimalistic rings and earrings that are extremely trendy right now and you’ve probably seen them on Pinterest.

New Waco necklace made by Virage Goldsmiths

Stay tuned for much more

Their official launch was in late January, early February so they are extremely new to town. After getting to talk a bit more, the future is looking pretty great for this business in downtown. If you’ve ever loved the romantic notion of having a personal relationship with a local tailor, you’d love these guys. And having a personal relationship with a local jeweler is pretty freaking cool and arguably even better than a tailor— Just saying.

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