Body – aroma – crisp – oaky – finish – tannic – intensity. The majority lies in complete confusion when it comes to the language of wine. More often than not, the average person feels like they can’t step into a wine bar without first acquiring a higher IQ. The intimidation factor sired to the wine market alone drives away perfectly acceptable consumers.

But what about those who’d like to expand their pallets but don’t know what to ask? What’s with the stigma that one should already have a depth of sommelier knowledge before ordering a glass? Well, put down your all too reliable, grocery store chardonnay and take a trip down Valley Mills. Come engage where the inexperienced and experienced alike consume wine by variety with delicious food, and where friendliest of conversations happen between the most unlikely people.

The Grape -Wine Bar & Bistro, where wine is explored, taught, questioned, and consumed – by the bottle – by all who walk in. Hidden in the Ridgewood Village Shopping center on Valley Mills, a perfectly positioned bistro emanates great conversation and promotes lack of restraint when the food is just too good. It’s cozy dining area, elaborate bar, and newly refurbished patio create a blissful experience.

The Grape offers a different menu every day and the gourmet cuisines range from salad to seafood and everything in between. The owner, Wynn Rolf, also makes a pretty decadent white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Also, you might want to get there when they start serving food at 5:00 because food runs out fast. Seriously, it’s that good.

And as for wine, you have a choice from pretty much every region and type imaginable and the incredibly accommodating staff is there to answer all your questions and allow you to taste until you find the perfect one. In fact, if you go enough they’ll have your preferences memorized better than you!

But wait, it gets better. The Grape offers live music Thursday and Friday nights starting 7 p.m., half priced bottles on Saturdays, and several other discounts according to the week. It’s open Tuesday-Thursday from 4 p.m.-late and Saturdays from 6 p.m.-late.