What does it mean to shop “responsibly”?

To answer this question, we should first talk about what a socially responsible brand is.

Socially responsible brands focus on the empowerment of the individuals who produce their goods and the communities from which they come. Their materials and processes respect the maker and the planet alike. These brands ask question like “who is the person who made this,” “how does their job at this company empower them,” or “what good is our work doing in the world?”.

These brands ask question like “who is the person who made this,” “how does their job at this company empower them,” or “what good is our work doing in the world?”.

Similarly, shopping responsibly means asking where and how products are made and, most importantly, who made them. The big question to ask yourself before a purchase is “how is my consumption of these products affecting our planet and the people who inhabit it?”.  

There tends to be a belief that ethically produced products are expensive are hard to find, but we’re here to prove that wrong. Here are just a few of the storefronts right here in Waco that believe in sustainable commerce as much as we do.

Lovely Enterprises

Created by the amazing people behind Jesus Said Love, Lovely Enterprises is a storefront aimed at helping women exiting the sex trade to find jobs and become empowered as individuals. Lovely sells exclusively fair trade and ethically sourced goods, making it one of the most responsible companies in Waco.


Roots has one of the widest selections of ethically produced accessories that you’ll find in our little town. Whether you need earrings, a necklace, bracelets, or even sunglasses, they have you covered.

Everlasting Joy

Everlasting joy is a bright and fun jewelry company based out of Fort Worth that donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale to the End it Movement which fights to end slavery in our world. This company actually began here at Baylor, which we love.

Half United

Famous for their “Fighting Hunger Bullet Necklace,” which is one of many products that are sold with the promise of providing 7 meals to a child in need.

Diff Eyewear

This is a sunglasses brand that works to give individuals in Africa a bright future (sorry, we had to). With each purchase, eyeglasses are provided to those individuals, who previously have lived with no access to vision care.


Akola jewelry produces beaded beauties that are made with sustainable practices in all parts of the production process. The production of their statement pieces help transform the future for the marginalized women in Uganda that create them.

Magnolia Market

The Giving Keys

This brand, based out of LA, was founded to provide job opportunities to individuals transitioning out of homelessness. Their famous key necklaces are stamped with words like “believe,” “fearless,” “create” and “dream.” These are made to be passed on to people who need the message more than you, so they’re the perfect gift to pick up for a loved one.

Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is a Fort Worth based fashion brand dedicated to employing and empowering women in developing areas of the world like Haiti, Honduras, India, and Guatemala. Their production methods are not harmful to the makers or the environment, and their jewelry and handbags are beautiful. 

Raven & Lily

Raven & Lily is a fair-trade company dedicated to employing women living in impoverished areas with the production of their minimalistic designs. Magnolia carries a few of their leather goods that are handmade by at-risk women in Ethiopia with sustainable, safe materials. You can also find Raven & Lily jewelry at Roots.

Wildland Supply Co.

EM Jewelry + Design

By shopping small, you’re supporting your local economy, creating new jobs in your community and keeping your city unique. Plus- you probably know and/or are friends with the person who made your goods.  

One local brand we love is EM Jewelry & Design. Their minimal, modern, and cool accessories are produced right here in Waco and are made of sustainable materials like brass and gold fill.

Summer Ellis

Summer Ellis jewelry is a local brand that we all know and love. The minimal and feminine jewelry is all produced here in Waco, giving you yet another way to shop small and support our city. You can pick up a Summer Ellis piece at their shop in the Praetorian Building or even at Magnolia Market.

Fair Trade Market

Another exclusively fair trade and ethically sourced company is Mission Waco’s Fair Trade Market behind World Cup Cafe. Here you’ll find home goods, children’s accessories and toys, women’s jewelry, clothing and more that boast bright colors and tribal patterns from the areas in which they are produced. The artisans are paid a living wage upfront, enabling them to strengthen their communities and provide for their families.