Waco is experiencing this new phenomenon called “tourists” and we love it. People are coming from literally all over the world to see Magnolia. As locals, we get the opportunity to go to Magnolia multiple times, whether to show incoming guests or to grab a grilled cheese, so we’ve been able to find our favorite parts.

Photo Opps

If you didn’t snag a pic at Magnolia that means you can’t post it and then that means you don’t have the chance for them to repost it and that’s a real missed opportunity.

The Magnolia seal on the way into the grounds is great for a group pic. It’s white backdrop sets the tone for the Magnolia vibes.

Grabbing a pic under the “Miles to Magnolia” sign is necessary or else you won’t be able to compete with everyone else around you an who traveled the furthest.

You obviously need a pic with your cupcake in front of the bakery, I mean if you’re going to wait in line for it, it must be documented. Plus the bakery is just so stinking cute, and the patio provides many opportunities for pictures.

You’ve got to grab a pic of you and your friends in front of the truck because it is just the coolest. If you are lucky enough to make it to Magnolia during Christmas, the truck is surrounded by lit Christmas Trees and it’s magical.

And then of course while you’re there, grab some instagramable artsy pics of the entrance display, the silos at just the right angle, the garden area during spring has a plethora of photo opportunities and the grass area is just so happy you can’t not take a picture.

The Bakery

Honestly not sure if coming to Magnolia counts unless you’ve gotten a cupcake. After the bakery was launched we feel like we see Chip and Jo eating cupcakes in every episode…which makes us want cupcakes every.single.time.

They frequently introduce new flavors for the new seasons, so our favorite keeps changing and then we can’t recommend it to you because you can’t get it off season. But you can never go wrong with a strawberry cupcake. It’s delicious.

Key things to shop for

Walking in can be somewhat overwhelming. Everything is so pretty you just don’t know where to start! These are a few of our favorite shopping corners.

The kitchen area is chalk full of everything you could want in a kitchen and more. The little kitchen gadgets are the perfect sized items to purchase and take home with you, the cookbooks are not only pretty, but have the best receipts in them and you will have major island envy. Take it all in and notice the details, that’s where Magnolia truly shines.

The jewelry moves around from time to time but is definitely worth the find! A lot of the jewelry is made here in Waco, so we are especially proud of the designers like Summer Elise and EM Designs.

The purses that are for sale are beautiful and balance rusticity and functionality so well it’s indicative of Magnolia’s style as a whole. Just go feel the leather if you get the chance.

The table setting decoration pieces, the candles, the varying forms of vases and the different wall decor are all peppered throughout the store, carefully used as purchasable decorations. It’s all in the details people. If you like, buy it.

You can’t leave without a t-shirt, they are absolute musts. Or a hat. Our favorites are the baseball tee’s but we never say no to a good ‘ol Waco grey criss-cross tee.

Chips corner is perfect. It’s just the best balance of trinkets and gadgets and hats. Plus they generally have some sort of mug or insulated cup with their clean line logos on them that you’ll for sure want to take home with you.

Are you repainting your house? Or, most recently, are you wanting to re-do furniture with chalk paint? The new paint line by Magnolia is multiple color palettes that just look like them. It’s weird to say but you can almost spot Fixer Upper houses in Waco just by their exterior color, and they’ve perfectly put that feeling in their paint selections.

Don’t leave without making your way to the garden area Seed Supply! They’ve got all kinds of outdoor goodies, and as the name suggests, cute plants to put the explanation point on your Magnolia inspired decor.

Lastly, their most iconic item in our mind it their Magnolia leave wreath. Bring this bad boy home, hang it on your door and your neighbors will know you made the trip to Magnolia.

The Food Trucks

The Food Trucks at Magnolia are incredible. You’ve got so many options it’s almost overwhelming because you want to try them all but only have so much room in your stomach. Be sure to check out their social media accounts (follow the links) to see if they’re hosting any specials for the day!

We tend to always make room for ‘The Boss’ from Cheddar Box. It’s filled with Bacon, gouda and basil on sourdough bread. Paired with one of their mac’n’cheeses it’s a glorious cheese explosion in your mouth.

The ‘Blackberry and Cream’ crepe from Co-town Crepes somehow always finds extra room in our stomach. Occasionally if we’re feeling adventurous one of our favorite flavors is produced by building our own and combining bananas, cookie butter and whipped cream. It’s heaven.

The burger from Milo is honestly on of our favorite burgers in Waco. It’s locally sourced, topped with a fried egg and tomato jam and you feel healthy after eating it and that is so rare in a burger it’s magical. Getting a side biscuit and jam is a must. Their biscuits are so good it’s ridiculous.

The Club Sandwich food truck has amazing “Trash bowl” topped with everything delicious, crunchy gooey and messy in all the best ways. They are a definite must.

The 900 Degrees Woodfire Pizzaria gives you delicious pizza topping options in perfectly individual sized pizzas so you don’t have to compromise on your toppings. You get what you want, and as the name suggests, prepared in a craftsman style. We are all about it.

Chuck’s Popcorn is gourmet, multi flavored popcorn that’s perfect if you’re in the mood for a snack or something you can take with you on the road. And you can never go wrong with cinnamon toast popcorn.

Vitek’s Gut Pack is everything you want and more from Texas Barbecue mixed together…on top of fritos. It’s delicious and apparently it’s Chip’s fav.

Wash all the food down with a fresh juice from Luna Juice Bar, or a Cowboy coffee from Common Grounds and you can mark this on your list as a success.

Stop and Enjoy

While you’re waiting for your food to settle, sit at one of the picnic tables by the grass area and just take the scene in. One of our favorite things about Waco is it’s ability to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the moments that we’re given. Watch the kids playing with the hula hoops, soccer balls and swings and just relax in the ability to take it slow.

One our favorite things to do is watch all the puppies. If the weather is bright and sunny, everyone and their mother seems to bring their dogs and we love seeing the different variety of pouches on the premise. One day we spotted a baby pug and audibly squealed…and while that could have been embarrassing, the Magnolia vibes are so fun and friendly the kind lady let us pet her absolutely adorable pugglet.

For your Men

You’re supportive significant other made his way down to Magnolia with you #bless them. This extends outside of the Magnolia grounds a little bit, but they’re either accessible by the Trolly or walking!

Balcone’s Distillery. It’s award winning whisky, on an international level, and is part of the Silo Trolley. Their tasting room is industrial cool and you can taste a flight of their varied options for only $10. Their explanations of their whisky point out flavors you never knew you could find in whisky and make you enjoy the experience that much more. If your man isn’t a shopper, let him explore Balcones and honestly you may want to explore it too.

Chip’s Corner is a corner full of gadgets and goodies for your man. The trinkets and measuring tools and manly pens give your significant other a souvenir to bring home from the Silos as well!

The Backyard Bar and Grill is the perfect place to hang out, beer in hand, and watch whatever activities they have going on at the time. If your significant other is anti shopping but wants to stay close incase you find your new dinning room set, The Backyard is a 5 minute walk from The Silos and The Findery insuring a quick transportation time.


Be sure to follow their social media platforms for updates on what event’s they’re hosting. They generally host a seasonal event that showcases local vendors, has live music and often times you can catch Chip and Jo onstage thanking people for coming. You definitely want to try and make it out to one of their events, getting to see all the vendors is awesome and getting to see people who live passionate, creative lives.


After you fully explore the Magnolia Grounds, be sure to check out some of Waco’s other gems! We’ve got a lot we want to show you. We’re pretty proud of our town, and we hope you love it as much as we do. We hope our website give’s you a glimpse of what our culture is like.