Full, upfront and brutally honest disclosure here — we, the owners of Wacobound, are unashamedly plugging our latest venture. We tried typing this up anonymously in a 3rd party stance but it just didn’t feel right so HERE WE ARE THIS IS US.

Second brutally honest statement — Waco is too **darn** hot. It just is. This year has been pretty mild, but that’s saying a lot coming off of back-to-back 100 degree days.

We’ve talked about beating the heat on this website for three years now, but we still felt like there was a part to play in the general heat-alleviations efforts for the community.

**this picture is from our soft-launch and our cups are ugly right now but please note that will change soon**

So, introducing — Lemy’s Soft Frozen Lemonade!

Lemy’s is a simple spin on a classic summer favorite. Our soft frozen lemonade is sweet, a little tart and made without any sugar or artificial sweeteners. We didn’t want that super sticky feeling, ya know? We’re already sweating too much down here, no need to add in sticky sugars.

We serve each scoop at a slush-like consistency in a paper cup that allows the liquid to melt in your hand as you consume it, so if you somehow don’t manage to gobble it up before it melts, you’re left with some pretty refreshing sips of classic southern lemonade.

This weekend is our first weekend to be officially up and open for business, and we’re pretty stoked about who we get to partner with. Here’s the breakdown:

Friday from 5:30pm – whenever we sell out, we’ll be out in front of Gather for First Friday Waco!

Saturday morning we’ll be in front of a SWEET new stationery store, January Press!

Our home-base location will be in front of the Pretorian, and we’re still testing out when our hours of operation will be (Mondays? Tuesdays? Just weekends? We will give the people what they want !! ** and what we can afford to staff)

So, thank you for indulging in our self-promotion. Also we will have t-shirts. That is all, we will stop talking about ourselves now.

Happy weekending, Waco.

(ok last thing our insta handle is lemys.co OK REALLY that is all)