We’ve got a Pinterest!

We have a couple reasons for taking on this new social media platform. Firstly, one of our intents is to help grab the people who are looking around for things to do in Waco while they plan their trip to magnolia.

The second reason is that it presents a pictorial, categorized snapshot way to look at our content. Our boards are categorized with titles like “Waco eats” and “Things to do in Waco” so if you’re wanting a summary of all the content on our website, you can go to our boards and get the spark notes version.

And finally the third reason is to flood the world wide web with pretty pictures of Waco. As we learned with the Southern Living article, people are starting to give credit where credit is due in regards to how pretty Waco is, but they left out a lot of our goodies.

For example – Things like the Lake Waco and Cameron Park and oh I don’t know…the Alico building, which are staple pictures in Waco, did not make the list.

The first tier in our pyramid of goals is to change the perception of the imagery of Waco. So in execution of that goal, we now have Pinterest.

All this to be said, be our friends! If you find something you’d like to archive on pintrest, pin it and let the great pics of Waco flood the internet. The more pictures out there the better!

Here’s the link, check us out, spread pretty pictures of Waco across the web! 

Happy pinning, Waco!