As the title of this articles suggests…We created a weekly email list!

We don’t want you to miss out on what’s going on in Waco, so we want to give you a direct link to what we think you’ll find interesting and important!

How it’ll work is simply one email a week recapping what we wrote about the previous week, events you won’t want to miss that weekend and occasional little surprises, deals or info on the new Daily Special we tried out the week before.

Social Media is the best and the worst part about our line of business. On one hand it gives us the ability to connect with our customers on a personal, instantaneous bases. On the other hand social media platforms release new algorithms and we loose our ability to chronologically reach our audience at will.

But we believe that what we’re writing and posting about is relevant enough to attempt to remedy the situation.

So if you’re interested in joining our exclusive club of elite of people who find out super cool direct information (btws that phrase would also be filtered out on FB)  go to our homepage and join the email list!

We look forward to being your pen-pal. Look for the first round of emails in March!