Introducing “Waco Made”—a brand new series of videos devoted to showcasing the stories behind Waco’s robust artisan and entrepreneurial culture. First up, meet the couple behind these tasty zwiebacks we can’t seem to get our hands off of. The only thing we’re more excited about than this video is the barbecue in it.

More About Helberg Barbecue

Phillip and Yvette are all stars. Transplanted from California, these two took the bold step out, moving both their business and their lives across the country, to Texas in order to bring amazing barbecue to Waco. And let me tell you, Central Texas is blessed to have them. Their entrepreneurial nature combo’d with their amazing gift for cooking barbecue, created the perfect addition to Uptown Waco.

The Food

While absolutely everything on the menu is delicious, we particularly love their newest breakfast addition, the Zwieback. Argued to be from either German or Russian descent, this bad boy is addicting. Texans would most likely call them kolaches, but don’t think they’re just like any other kolache in town. These puffy pockets are made with slow-risen rolls filled with shredded barbecue making the perfect mobile munch for an early morning breakfast on the go. Compliment it with a cup of jo from Pinewood and you’ll be ready to take on whatever the day has for you.

Where To Find Them

You’ll find their newly painted trailer outside Pinewood Roasters over on 23rd and Austin every Thursday to Saturday. They’re open at 7:30 AM to serve breakfast and then re-open for lunch at 11 AM until they sell out.

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