Summer is here, and the flowers are in full bloom. But then again, so are the ferns, the palms, and the succulents.


And if you asked me why all of my money leaves my wallet so quickly, I’d tell you it is mainly due to food and plants. If you’re the same way with the latter part, this article is for you. Here are a few of our favorite plant shops in Waco!


Westview Nursery & Landscape


I pass this cute little spot on Valley Mills all the time, and I have to stop in at least once a week. They have all types of plants that are in great condition.


And let’s talk about the stellar staff here for a second. There’s always someone waiting right by the entrance when you walk up, ready to help you find whatever plant your heart desires. Even if you decide to just browse around on your own for a bit, rest assured that you’ll be checked on a few times and that someone will be close by for when you decide you need some assistance.


(P.S.: If you’re looking for a Venus Fly Trap, this is the place to go.)



Bonnie’s GreenHouse


If you’re willing to drive out a little further than Westview, you’ll find one of the most peaceful gardens Waco has to offer. As soon as you open your car door, you’ll hear the calming sound of windchimes in the garden — and that’s it, since Bonnie’s is set back far away from roads, shops, and housing editions. A quiet walk through the rows and rows of plants and greenhouses at Bonnie’s is incredible outdoor therapy after a hard week of classes or work.


Lately, I’ve been super excited about herbs, which is probably the most boring, adult thing I’ll ever say. But if you disagree and you are ALSO super excited about herbs- Bonnie’s is the place to go. There is a whole section completely dedicated to herbs, affectionately named “The Herb House.” I’m gearing up for the best week of meals I’ve had in awhile.



Waco Flower Tent


The tagline for the Waco Flower Tent is “we don’t just sell flowers- we sell happiness,” and I couldn’t agree more. Set up in the middle of a parking lot is the cutest big yellow and white tent- totally unexpected and a little out of place, but in a really great way.


They have a great mix of plant types, so you can really find anything you need. They even have arrangements pre-made for you to send or deliver as gifts, which is such a convenient thing.


The one downside to the flower tent is that it is seasonal, so you can’t enjoy the tent completely year round! But, then again, they have really great plants sales at the end of their season (right now), so you can go crazy with your plant purchases and not feel too bad about it.


If you hurry, you can grab up some of their last few plants at a really great price. Keep an eye out for the return of the tent next fall!



Greenlife Nursery


Another one of my favorite nurseries in town is Greenlife. This place is always stocked full of all types of plants. I seriously have never seen them running low on anything at all!


Greenlife also does landscape design, which makes it the perfect place for new homeowners and gardeners alike. There are so many colors and types of plants, so you can really find anything that you imagine would look great in your home.


Most of the plant shops in Waco have a lot of the same things, but I always find something cool and new here!



Baylor Flowers


If you’re looking for more of an arrangement for an event maybe, rather than plants for your home, I recommend Baylor Flowers. They’re super knowledgable about their plants. You can give them minimal direction and they always manage to create a selection that is exactly what you had in mind, if not better. I’ve sent and received flowers from them and I’ve never been disappointed!


On top of that, it’s conveniently located on Speight. They’re super fast workers and can get your your arrangement quickly if need be.


Have a favorite shop you didn’t see on this list? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to include them next time!



1136 N Valley Mills Dr.

8:30-5:30 M-Sat. & 12:00-5:00 Sunday


5198 Orchard Ln.

8:30-5:30 M-Sat. & Closed Sunday

Waco Flower Tent:

7524 Bosque Blvd.

9-7 M-Sat. & 1-6 Sunday

Greenlife Nursery:

8:30-6 M-Sat.

12-5 Sunday

Baylor Flowers:

1508 Speight Ave. #140

9-5 M-F & 10-2 Sat. & Closed Sunday