One of our favorite things to see happen to Waco is the explosion of boutiques. Shopping in downtown Waco has an array of different boutiques. Each boutique has it’s own unique style, whether it’s selling clothing, furniture or antiques, you can find a whole lot in downtown Waco.

Wildland Supply Co

Wildland is one of our proudest shopping attractions. Located on a strip of developing buildings on Washington Ave, the store will shock you when you go inside. It’s chic, trendy and is a whole new genre of clothing available in Waco.

It’s style is trendy with neutral colors and quality material. They have different kinds of household goodies peppered throughout the store as well. Things like chic coffee table books and hilarious greeting cards can be found on the shelves surrounding the clothing. If you like the kinfolk/darling magazine style, you will love this store.

Spice Village

Literally anything and everything you could want in a store can be found in Spice Village. The store is a collection of different shops owned by different vendors selling their goodies. You can find everything from clothing and jewelry to home decor to different kinds of olive oils while you’re there.

Pro tip- follow their social media accounts for advanced knowledge on sales and specials. Also, shopping weekday mornings has the shortest lines. And finally, if you’re late for a birthday party and need a gift ASAP, this is your place. Not only do that have a huge selection of items…but the also gift wrap. And everyone knows the ‘Spice Bow’ and is always really excited to see it in their pile.

Roots Boutique

Roots is an awesome clothing store that carries brands like Free People and is a great place to find everything from everyday staples to dresses for special events. But the coolest part about Roots is the decor. The way they decorate the store is incredible. You want to be sure to check out the store at least once a season to see how they’ve redecorated it.

They also sell a lot of ethically sourced jewelry, and they have a whole section dedicated to Baylor Game Days. Don’t forget to check out their sale section, they generally have some pretty great stuff there as well.

Mainstream Boutique

Mainstream is one of the first shops to pop up on Franklin Ave. They are another one to have on your radar to check social media before going in because they run different kinds of specials all the time.

They sell jewelry, cute tops, comfy jeans, adorable shoes and and all at great prices. They also tend to have little cookies and snacks specials in the store to help keep up your shopping stamina.

Cameron Trading Co

Cameron Trading Co is on Austin Ave and is an awesome collection of great antique finds. You’ve probably seen in on Fixer Upper, and it’s got tons of goodies inside. You can find anything from antique furniture, to milk glass, to old paintings and there are even a couple antique wedding dresses inside.

Another pro tip- some of their biggest furniture is actually on the 3rd story so don’t forget to check upstairs as well!

Glow Interior Home Decor

Glow is a furniture store downtown that is unlike any furniture store we have in Waco. It keys in on high end, chic style with gorgeous pieces like dining room tables, coffee tables, chandeliers and couches.

They’re inside the Praetorian building in between Summer Elise Jewelry and Bru, so grab some espresso while you’re there to increase your shopping stamina,

Summer Elise Jewelry

Summer Elise Jewelry was picked up as one of the vendors for Magnolia, but she has her own store front inside the Praetorian building as well. The pieces are delicate, feminine and beautiful. The coolest part about it is that it’s all made in Waco.

Her studio workplace is literally a couple stories up the building. She’s a local artist that has garnered some national attention, and her shop down stairs is just so cute you can’t not check it out.

Places to look forward to…

We can’t wait for the installation of more shops downtown! More and more pop up every months, and we can’t wait to add them to the list. For example, we can’t wait to see the Gather Waco storefront, and two more shopping complexes are on the way, one by Magnolia and one by Balcones. Get pumped, Waco.