We’re always on the lookout for cool new things to do in downtown Waco, and when the Waco 52 pop-up art show popped into a building on Austin Avenue a few months ago, we were immediately huge fans. The show was an open-to-all gallery that allowed visitors to peruse art of many different genres, all of which were created locally by artists here in Waco. After a short time, it became abundantly clear that Waco was ready for more culture-focused activities, especially in the downtown area. It wasn’t too long before we saw this popular pop-up transition into one of our new favorite downtown venues, Cultivate 7Twelve.

What Cultivate 7Twelve is

It’s a lot of things. They are a workspace for artists, a gallery for art exhibits, and a venue for weddings, dinners, workshops and other private events. And that’s just the beginning. Essentially, they’re our cultural market and gathering place for those interested and involved in our artistic community.

A peek inside

Immediately when you walk in, you enter a beautiful, diverse marketplace showcasing some of Waco’s greatest artists and their artwork. Further in, you enter the art gallery. Since their opening, they’ve done an amazing job keeping the artwork fresh and diverse. It feels like every time we walk in, there is something new on the wall.

Inside Cultivate 7Twelve in Waco Texas

Upstairs, they’re hosting local artists in various workstations and occasionally, you can watch them in the process of creating their art.

When to go

Where you’ll see it shine best is on First Fridays. The whole point of First Fridays is to get the businesses and the people of Waco together for an evening of community liveliness. Restaurants run specials, stores stay open late and the hope is for the people of Waco to fill the streets.

Last First Friday, they hosted a live Jazz band. Their music poured through the front doors of their space and made its way down Austin Ave giving the whole street and extra bit of vivacity that night.

Live band playing inside Cultivate 7Twelve in downtown Waco

If you miss their First Friday features–don’t worry, just follow along with their social media for the various events they have. They’re host everything from Farm to Table dinners, to art workshops, to yoga in the upstairs studio. And the prices for each event are extremely reasonable, making them an affordable way to spend your evenings in Waco.

Rumor has it they’re doing an exhibit debut for Charles Wallis’s “World of Empath” tomorrow with a reception and live music to follow. Starts at 6 pm, you don’t want to miss it.

Outside of Cultivate 7Twelve