The month of love gets people thinking. Articles pop-up all over the internet with ideas on how to love your significant other better, how to love your friends and family better and how to love yourself better.

We’re hopping on the love train and telling you to love where you are, love you city, and more specifically to love Waco.

Honestly, it’s easier to say in 2017.

Waco has survived a historic tornado, cults, stereotypes, poverty, abandonment, bad press on a national level and a biker shooting. And because we survived it all, we developed a resilience that has bound our city together in culture and camaraderie.

And then suddenly we became super cool.

Thanks in large part to Magnolia, but to give our locals selves some credit, they bring the tourists, we hook them in with our great burgers and a “cool downtown.”

Waco is on the up, and we get to define what that looks like. We’re experiencing a renaissance. Economically, culturally, spiritually and physically, this city is changing. Since 2011, we have seen a massive inflow of tourists, students, families and young professionals. This once drive-thru town has turned into a destination not only to get an education but also to start your career, raise a family and to visit some of the coolest converted corn silos in the nation.

We’ve dug up one-of-a-kind national monuments, revitalized a downtown area destroyed by one of the worst tornadoes in recorded U.S. history, and we’ve been accepted faster than any other community for being designated as a cultural arts district in the state of Texas.

We get to sculpt and mold our beloved city into thriving center of vibrancy and innovation.

The cost of living alone is enough to sell people on moving here. And then because the prices are low, people feel like the can feasibly branch off on their own and start a new company.

Waco has a hub of craftsmanship. We have a culture of people that branch out on their own to craft a business on what their passionate about.

We don’t just have coffee, we have baristas who make an intentional roast of their beans. We don’t just have jewelry, we have locals artists who make their metal and stone work wearable pieces of expression. We don’t just have furniture stores, we have a crap ton (technical term) of savvy handymen with an eye for restoring furniture to its former glory.

And we don’t just have entrepreneurs, we have a whole store dedicated to helping cute, trendy and eclectic brick and mortar companies start off with as much visibility as possible. AND we have a gathering every Wednesday of local and traveling entrepreneurs who come to talk about their businesses to the community.

Waco is in an interesting renaissance. People say they have a good feeling in their gut about where Waco is heading.

We believe it, and we want you to believe it too.

As the first coffee talk of 2017, we want to impress upon you to love our city. This means talking about Waco with pride and ownership. Taking ownership of Waco means taking care of Waco in ways like keeping our trash picked up, our yards clean and our sidewalks functional.

And as silly as it may sound, the more pretty pictures we put on the world wide web, the more positive image building we produce for Waco. The more we boast on social media about how much we love Waco, the more everyone else agrees with us.

If you’re a Wacoan, you already know how proud you feel to be a part of such an amazing community. If you’re visiting Waco or on your way to, then we are excited to share with you all of the amazing things our community has for you.

Wacobound exists to “share the culture that binds our community together and to welcome those who are bound to join us.” We hope you love our city as much as we do and that we can show you what it means to be #wacobound.