Clay Pot’s new downtown location hides a beautiful back patio oasis that completely shocked us. When their old location closed its doors, we were distraught. Their previous space, just behind the Pizza Hut and Dennys off of 8th St, was a charming red and green, authentically Vietnamese building with a great ambiance and even better food. It was a truly great hidden Waco gem, especially for Baylor students.

When we heard they were choosing to relocate to the old barbeque joint between TrueLove and Barnetts, we were pumped. Soon after their announced relocation, we saw construction begin at their new space on Franklin Avenue. Stucco went up, their iconic green paint was added, and a few sneak peek pictures slipped out before their opening that did nothing but build our excitement.


Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to see a completely full restaurant. Their interior provided plenty of seating for parties anywhere from 4-12 people with complete mobility for bigger groups. When we looked to our left, we saw the classic shoes off, sit down tables that had made their previous location so great and the smell of delicious Vietnamese food, filled the room. Due to the busy nature of the inside, they offered us a table out in the back patio.

Inside the Clay Pot Restaurant in downtown Waco

After you travel through the hallway, you pass through the back door and it immediately opens up to this beautiful patio, filled with intricate Vietnamese details. To the left, there is a wooden pergola dressed with paper lights and lanterns hanging from its beams. To the right, there was an astonishingly beautiful three-dimensional painting that was made with smaller bricks mortared together to make one larger picture. And then directly in the middle of all of this, there was an ornately designed fountain surrounded with seats and complemented by a string of hanging lights just over the top that created a beautiful evening ambiance.

Outdoor seating at the Clay Pot Restaurant


Beautiful mural on the back patio at the Clay Pot Restaurant


Sesame Chicken- a simple, but a delicious dish. A deep-fried chicken smothered in their homemade sesame sauce and topped with sesame seeds, this dish was a table favorite.

Sesame Chicken at Clay Pot Waco

Local tip

If you’re brave, we’d recommend trying one of their bubble teas. Quite a unique experience taking a sip of your drink and having something to chew on afterward but its really kind of cool and tastes great. Just be prepared.

Additionally, their cheesecake is the bomb. The table was split on which variation was the best but you really can’t go wrong.

Cheesecake at the Clay Pot Restaurant in downtown Waco

Something to look forward to

If you notice it on the way in, outside of Clay Pot’s front entrance, there is a permit sign that says they’ve applied for their liquor license. If they’re approved, we could soon see the addition of some new and exciting Vietnamese drinks to the downtown scene. And if nothing else, it gives us another reason to go spend time on their back patio.

416 Franklin Ave Waco, TX; 254-756-2721

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