This one is for all the nostalgic Baylor alumni who are coming back to Waco for this weekend’s homecoming festivities and for all the Baylor grads who stuck around but have been avoiding the local college scene. Now’s the time to go back and enjoy all the classics that make up the Baylor experience.

Schmaltz Sandwich Shoppe

This place was arguably responsible for at least 5 pounds out of your freshman 15. You thought you were eating a healthy sandwich when BOOM you’re hit with the butter, garlicky goodness that is their bread/spread combo. Schmaltz is always worth it though. Even when you found out how many calories were in one of those bad boys you kept going….and going….and going. You can smell the bread now, can’t you?

Common Grounds

How many times did their espresso get you through finals week? Their appropriately named beverages were a lifesaver to you and bring back memories of triumph. The fact that you survived 4 years of getting 3 hours of sleep a night is solely because of their cowboy sweetness, and for that, they deserve all the praise in the world. Plus, this coffee shop was making national news on BuzzFeed articles long before it was cool. 

Health Camp

Baylor alumni look at this place with fond memories as they stress their way around the circle. That place sincerely just makes you happy to look at it, and even happier while you’re consuming one of their actually incredible milkshakes. Health Camp is just the best.

Lady and Joy

You can’t make a trip to the Baylor grounds without taking a moment to stop and say hi to the resident bears on campus. The fact that we have two, fully grown, adorably big and grizzly-ish bears within the middle-ish of our city has always been funny to us, but it’s one of our favorite campus activities. Stop by and say hi! They’re pretty adorable.

Spice Village

This place just keeps getting cooler and cooler. Stop by and check out all its growth! You can fully expect to see new vendors, expanded inventory and a whole bunch of Baylor gear. It’s also pretty cool to go back to Spice as an alumnus because of the plethora of alumni gear. The lines get long so stop by early! 


The Big ‘O was appropriate for every situation, celebration and somber event college brought your way. Baylor win a big and wildly unexpected game? (circa 2009 this was a thing, people) celebrate with a Big ‘O. Bomb your test? Console with a Big ‘O. Baylor loses a big and wildly unexpected game? Console with a Big ‘O. The original Georges is a place Baylor Alumni hold near and dear to their hearts.

Tortilla Tossing

We’d honestly like to know the number of couples returning to Baylor this homecoming season who executed and conquered the tortilla tossing challenge that led them to their current spouse. If you are or know of such couple- please let us know. Despite being pretty bad for the ducks, this activity seems to have a high closure rate and we’re very curious about it.

The Silos

If you graduated before the year 2014, your memory of this location is quite different and very likely, illegal. Climbing these big beacons of home restoration used to be a weekend pass time, and now that they’re a national symbol of shiplap, there’s no way you’d get within 10 feet of the entry ladder. But, what you do have is the bragging rights. The phrase “I climbed those things” carries a lot of weight and cool points these days….not that we’re speaking from experience.


Gut packs will always hold a special place in a Baylor Alumni’s heart. Putting all the best ingredients of barbeque on top of Fritos was the best thing to happen to college food in a long time. Go pay your respects.

Campus Walk

This is the most obvious option but is the most important activity. Walking around campus brings back all the best memories of college while also showing you everything new and exciting that’s been built while you were graduated. In a really cool way, it makes you feel like the time since you’ve been in school was forever ago. For example- if you graduated in 2015 that means the new fountain mall and business school are new features to campus that were completed in the time since you’ve been gone.

Things like that really put everything in perspective, and make you truly appreciate the four years (or more) you spent as a Baylor Bear. Walk around, take a break on a DTR bench, say high to ‘ol judge on the way by and listen to the bells ring while you take in all that it truly meant to be a Baylor Bear.

If you’re still looking for more things to do this weekend, check out some of the new things around Waco that’ll be going on this weekend!