It’s a Saturday morning, and you and your squad want nothing more than a hearty brunch with a slim wait time. I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend, Barnett’s Public House. A hidden gem with a not hidden sense of humor, Barnett’s has got to be one of my new favorite discoveries in town.
Barnett’s is the type of place you’d expect to find in Europe somewhere, with futbol posters, banners and snarky European beer imagery hung on the wall in equal balance with the expected Baylor garb. The vibe is simple, clean and fun, you can expect to have a good time here. Along the walls or on the back tables card games or darts can keep even the most impatient patron preoccupied.

While it may not call itself a bar, Barnett’s is primarily known as a full service bar located on Franklin Avenue. However, while the bar is well priced and has a wide selection, the food is just as delicious as the drinks. I have yet to try their lunch or dinner items, but their brunch is outstanding, with food ranging from light and fluffy pancakes to bacon and egg tacos or potato casserole. These dishes may sound like standard breakfast items, but Barnett’s does it better, and for a better price. A full meal of three pancakes will cost around $7 and breakfast tacos will run around $5.

Atypical to most local brunch locales, Barnett’s prides itself on its mimosas. A pitcher is $8 and is more than enough to split. Usually a standard pitcher will give you roughly three glasses of the champagne drink for two people, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. I don’t normally drink mimosas, but I crave this concoction.

Barnett’s has become my preferred place for squad brunch. You’ll usually see me and a loud group of college upperclassmen sipping mimosas and devouring pancakes on Saturday mornings around 10 a.m.. As much as I selfishly want to keep Barnett’s Public House, their drinks, and their brunch to myself, it would just be wrong. You need to check this place out, and not just on a Friday or Saturday night.


Address: 420 Franklin Avenue


Hours: Not posted, and tricky to figure out.


Parking: Parking is limited. You can find spots on the right when looking at the restaurant head on. Carpool if you’re coming with multiple people.