You’re sitting at home, bored out of your mind, exhausted of pressing the “Yes I’m still watching, Netflix” button and you’re starting to get a bit stir crazy. You desperately want to get out of your house but it’s a Tuesday night. And all you can think is “What the heck is going on in Waco on a Tuesday night?”

AMF bowling, that’s what.

In case you haven’t heard about all of AMF Lanes awesome specials, I’ll tell you – but first let’s start with Tuesday night’s special.

Tuesday night, $2 bowling, $2 shoes, $2 PBRs after 8pm – that’s right people.

Tuesday night is quickly becoming a crowd favorite at AMF. It’s the opportunity for a fun night out with friends that doesn’t break the bank and there is even alcohol included. It’s your chance to take out the girl of your dreams on a fun, chill “it’s not a big deal” kind of date that gives off the vibes that you’re interested but you don’t have to say I love you at the end because hey, the date was on a Tuesday night. Nothing says casual like a Tuesday night. And who knows, you might even be able to start a rousing game of “You Miss, You Kiss” (thank god for gutter balls).

AMF has knocked it out of the park with this special. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out, I highly recommend checking this out ASAP. You can go out with the bros and drink a ton of beer whilst your bowling game either gets oddly better or significantly worse, go out with the girls and enjoy the Wisconsin nectar that is PBR (girls like PBR right?) or you can go as a couple’s retreat. The perfect couple’s dating activity.

Really it’s perfect for everyone. Which is why it’s the perfect special. So once again, check it out. It only costs $2.

And if you’re not vibing Tuesday night but you’ve got the bowler’s itch (you might need to see a doctor), then here are the other specials of the week:

Monday Mayhem

Let the Mayhem Begin

The mayhem begins when you roll in—every Monday after 8 p.m. with unlimited bowling and shoe rental for just $13.09 per person! Stop by, play all night, and start the week right—with great deals on pizza and PM drink specials (for those 21 and older). Subject to lane availability.

College Night

Get Carded & Like It

Drop your books, pick up your University ID, and save big on games, pizza, and PBR beer from 9pm ’til close on Thursdays. Roll in and have an awesome evening of unlimited bowling-all for a very student-friendly price of $11 (shoe rental included!). Plus, enjoy $2 PBR beers and $10 pizzas all night long. Participation varies by location.


After-Party Fridays

Late Night Action

Stay up late with us for unlimited bowling every Friday night. It’s only $12.89 and only after 10pm (shoes not included). Roll in. Stay up. Party on. (Participation varies by location.)

OK, you’re in. You’re already polishing your bowling ball but you have no clue where AMF Lanes is. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

4565 West Waco Dr.
Waco, TX 76710

Enjoy, Waco.