It’s been a little rainy these past few weeks in Waco making the itch for warm weather that much stronger this year. Combo that with the upcoming Spring Break week off for many students and everyone’s starting to get a bit restless for better weather and some fun times outdoors. Whether you’re a student with the week off or just a young professional working hard, we can all take some time this upcoming spring break to enjoy the great outdoors and the hopefully warm weather headed this way next week. Here are 9 ideas to be outdoors this Spring Break in Waco.

Spend the day chilling at BSR

Whether you want to wakeboard, ride the royal flush, or simply chill with a 32-pack of beer in the lazy river, this place is the perfect place to enjoy some great weather. Start your spring break off right with a trip out to BSR and make a day of it.

Hit up the trails in Cameron Park

Walk, run, or bike your way through the many winding Cameron Park trails. If you get tired along the way, just bring your hammock and post up in between a couple trees with a good book for a few hours. Not much is better than a little cat nap in the great outdoors whilst soaking in the sun rays with a peaceful warm breeze in the air.

Go on a shopping spree

Grab your gals and strut the town. Visit some of the local favorites around downtown Waco, make a day of it, and drive on out to some of the hole in the wall antique shops in satellite communities like McGregor.

Play a round of disc golf

Cameron Park’s disk golf course is wildly larger than you might expect. Play a round inside the park and then cross the river to Brazos Park East to keep the day going. Loser buys drinks at happy hour.

Go paddle boarding on the Brazos

There’s nothing better than the feeling on a warm sunny day than being out on the water. Swing by Pura Vida Paddle or Waco Paddle Co and pick up a kayak or paddleboard to explore the Brazos with some friends.

Enjoy a bike ride around downtown

Another great daytime activity is to rent a couple bikes from Bicycle World and explore more of the community. If you’ve never been up into Castle Heights, a bicycle ride is the way to see it. Get lost inside one of Waco’s most beautiful neighborhoods and adventure through its newest Uptown District developments.

Check out the zoo

Far too often, this gem is forgotten. It’s arguably one of the coolest things that Waco has its own inner-city zoo. Not to mention we have a new baby lioness and a new baby orangutan that give you two more reasons worth spending the day enjoying the zoo. Never a disappointment.

Spend the morning at the Farmers Market

When life gets busy, you can sometimes lose track of the days and that Saturday morning becomes coveted recovery sleep time. But over this spring break, spend your two Saturdays enjoying the Downtown Waco Farmers Market. Sample some food, listen to some great music and check out some of the local artisan shops. Combo this with a downtown brunch and you’ll see a whole new side of life as a young professional in Waco.

Sunset at Woodway Park

And what better way to end the day than with a Waco sunset. Especially after this much rain, the sunsets seem to be extra beautiful. Go drop by Woodway Park and watch it set across Lake Waco with some friends. You can even take it up a notch and have a bonfire or grill out some burgers while you hang out.

And not to brag or anything, but during last year’s spring break season we passed by a car with “Waco or bust” written on the back—if that doesn’t make us a new hot spot spring break location, we don’t know what will.