Libraries are honestly awesome, and because of that they get crowded very quickly. Test season rolls around and you can’t find a seat for anything. So where else can you study? Branch out and check out these places to study in Waco that aren’t libraries. Access to refreshments and general good vibes help you maintain your studying stamina, so that’s what we’ve based our search on.

Tea 2 Go

Two great things about this place. Firstly, having tea readily there for purchase to fuel your brain and keep you hydrated is a major plus. Second, they have a ton of plugs. Which is brilliant and we applaud them for it.

If refreshments are high on the list of your needs in study locations, Tea 2 Go is the bomb.

Common Grounds

This one is a no-brainer. It’s right on campus, it has the coolest nooks for desks and spots to hang out for a long time, and if the weather is nice studying outside makes studying not so bad.

They also have refreshments readily there for you to consume, and a lot of caffeine. Which is an absolute must.

Lula Jane’s

When the day is beautiful, you just can’t beat studying at Lula Janes. Their coffee is delicious and what better motivational tool than their sweet treats? Reward yourself with a cookie or a slice of pie when you’ve completed your task and you’ll be happy to have chosen this location.

Warning- Their hours of operation are conducive to the morning studiers out there. Because they’re only open for breakfast and lunch, you won’t be able to access this location during the evenings.

Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery is about a 10 minute drive up i-35 from campus making it a great escape. The light and bright building gives you the natural light you need to not feel like your trapped under piles of work to be done. They have plenty of plugs and seating making it great for long term study Saturdays with friends…the only catch is the wifi will sometimes slow down if too many people are on it.

But, they also have PLENTY of refreshments. You can get cookies, croissants, sandwiches, coffee and pretty much any snack food you need. This place is made for the day before cram sesh were you study for the whole semester in one day.

Dancing Bear Pub

For the over 21 crowd, Dancing Bear is actually one of the best study locations on campus. You have to choose your seat carefully if you need a plug, there are only a handful of plug access locations, but if you get the magical booths on the end you can post up there for a while.

If grabbing a beer is a helper instead of a hinderance to your studying (generally a better idea if you’re writing a paper) they have one of the best beer selections in Waco. And if you get hungry, the Crazy Horse Bar and Grill has absolutely delicious burgers and fries. Try not to go on trivia night, not only will it be a little noisier than most nights but out of respect for the pub keep the seats open for the game players.

Heritage Creamery

As strange as this is about to sound, they have the best table to chair height ratio we’ve encountered in Waco. So studying there is automatically comfortable. The vibes are cool and ice cream is probably one of the best motivational tools out there.

It’s also incredibly photogenic, so if you’re wanting pics to prove you studied that day, this is your place.


One of Pinewood’s best strengths (other than the coffee, which is incredible) is their music. They play different genres of records on their record player and the music is just so soothing. It’s the perfect background noise that keeps you awake and not distracted. The booths are the most comfortable section but be careful around the lunch rush not to sit on the Alpha and Omega side.

When you go up to order your coffee, don’t hesitate to ask them what means what. Not only do they explain it with a welcoming, fun expression but it prevents you from trying to act like you know what a cortada is and being surprised when a teenie tiny cup of espresso comes out. (Tbh a cortada is honestly delicious but shocking if you were expecting a latte…not that we’re speaking from experience. ha)


Bru is an espresso bar located in a tiny elevator inside the Praetorian building in Downtown Waco. They have several advantages, including great wifi, great coffee and if you like tea, they have a wide selection. The seating areas around the shop are cafe style and we just love them. There’s only one (known) plug in the cafe though so be sure to come with a fully charged laptop.


Also located in Downtown, Dichotomy is located right by Alico and offers indoor and outdoor seating, lots of plugs and great refreshments. Their wifi is good but can get over crowded if lots of people are there using it.

The coffee is yummy, the tables are a great size for studying and it can be a great place for studying with groups of people. There’s a shift around 6pm when it goes from a coffee shop to bar, the lights go down and different crowds come in. If you time it right, you can reward yourself with a drink at Happy Hour after completing your studies!

Barnes and Noble

While this is technically not a library, it is a bookshop… but it’s a bookshop with a cafe. And the best part- the cafe has Cheesecake Factory goodies. Few people know that you can get a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in Waco, but you can and it’s awesome. That and a cup of coffee and you have all the energy you need right there to complete your studies.

The wifi is pretty good but the good seats next to the plugs fill up fast around finals time. Get there early, get your cheesecake and make the most of your studying needs.


When it’s 1am in the morning, the libraries are closing, everything around you is closing and you feel there’s no where to go, IHOP is there for you. Not only can you get food and a plethora of coffee while you’re there to sustain your late night studies, but the booths are comfortable and they don’t really mind you being there for a while at that hour of the “day.”

The wifi is kind of iffy, but if you ask them to be sat where they wifi is strongest they’ll take you to the best spots. Nothing fuels your all-nighters better than pigs-in-a-blanket.

Studying is rough, but you can stretch you limbs and make the most of it by exploring the other study location options in Waco. Good luck, students. We hope you ace those tests!