We’re here to tell you that Waco is not, in fact, flat barren or unattractive. Many of the outdoor places in Waco will surprise you.

There are several places to explore outside that show you several different types of landscapes of Waco that are shocking to see. This list only contains the *legal exploration options. We’re still weighing our options on publishing some of the locations that are of questionable legality. (for example if we expose some of these locations they may soon develop “no trespassing signs”…like the O.G. Waco Waterfall…rip.)

Cameron Park

You’ve read about Cameron Park on every “what to do in Waco” blog that has ever been written, but it makes the cut every time because it is just stellar. You’ve got to be sure to explore all the avenues and trails of Cameron Park to fully appreciate how awesome it is.

Drive from the river front all the way to Lover’s Leap and you’ll get a glimpse of all the hills and trees that make up Cameron Park. Take the time to hike the trails and explore the different ins and outs of Cameron Park. A Cameron Park trail guide is in the works to give you level of difficulty for some of the different trails, you really don’t want to end up on the vortex trail as an inexperienced biker…unless someone is there to film in.

Cameron Park is the place to grab a group of friends, your frisbee golf set, hammocks and a packed lunch and spend the day in the great, Waco outdoors.

Mother Neff State Park

Mother Neff State Park is a hidden gem of the Central Texas area. It’s a collections of trails and landscapes that are all explorable in one day. A long day, but you can make the rounds in a day. It’s also a camping site so it’s a great place to grab you’re buddies and spend the weekend out “away” from the city.

It’s about a 45 minute drive from the heart of Downtown, and is very near some of Waco’s cutest satellite towns. Warning- when you pull it up on iMaps the directions will take you literally circling the camp and then to the entrance, so if it pulls up as 1hr 45 min, reroute it.

All the trails point to the tower, along the way you pass a stone table, a cave and cute bridges while walking through tall trees, then tall grass and then eventually stone steps. It’s a cool exploration of the different types of landscape Texas has to offer.

Tonkwa Falls

Tonkwa Falls is known yet forgotten. It’s a much larger scale Waterfall than the O.G. Waco Waterfall was, meaning you can slide of this waterfall without hitting bottom (when the water is high enough *disclaimer)

The cliffs surrounding the water lagoon type area are also a good size for jumping and having an all around good time. But the best part, in our opinion, is the grass area. It’s located to the right of the base of the Waterfall and is the perfect lounge area. The grass is soft, there are trees for shade and you have the perfect, panorama view of the whole area. This is another full day activity to bring your friends and have a great time.

Lake Waco

There are a couple different locations to enjoy Lake Waco, each offering unique advantages.

Midway Point is a great place for grilling with friends and watching the sunset. The grassy area is peppered with picnic tables and grills and the sun sets directly on the horizon infront of you. It’s a great place to hang out and chill.

The Lake Waco Dam is great for biking, running or taking fido for a stroll. You don’t feel like you’re in Waco when you’re on the dam. (Watch out for knats, they cant be a ‘lil unfortunate right after storms)

The Twin Bridges offers a place to spend the day. They created a beach setting with grass leading up to the shore, covered picnic tables and sectioned off parts of the water. This is a great place to bring your friends and enjoy the sun for the day. (located on the other side of the bridges)

Again, this is just a brief intro to another article that is in the works, but gives you a good starting point for how to explore Lake Waco.

Brazos Park East

If you just want a glimpse of outdoors but don’t have time to spend the whole day outside, you can go hang out at Brazos Park East and be surrounded by the river, the Cameron Park cliffs, lots of grass and tall trees.

This spot in Waco is across the river from Cameron Park and gives you all the visual perks of hiking, but is on flat land. The is a great location for a date picnic, or a self-care date with your hammock and a good book.

Cotton Belt Trail

Cotton Belt Trail is a perfect escape from your workout routine. The path was recently paved and is even and nice and perfect for runners who don’t like to trip and bikers who don’t like bumps. It has some hills, but not big ones, just small inclines, and a bridge that is honestly pretty cool.

It’s also a great location for rollerskating. So if you’re in the mood for some active, outdoor fun, but want the finer pavements in life, check out Cotton Belt trail.

The Brazos River Walk

We are huge fans of this walkway. The best part about it is that it’s downtown, so it’s if you need a breath of fresh, outdoor air, you can take a quick walk along the Brazos to clear your head.

The sidewalk’s easiest entry is by the suspension bridge, but there are several other entry points as well on Baylor’s Campus. It’s also a great running location. Running by the water always cools your run down, so if you’re sick of the treadmill and want to run outside during the summer, this well paved and visually pleasing path is a great option for you.

Get outside and go check these places out. They may surprise you.

Happy exploring, Waco!