This constant back and forth of weather patterns has our team daydreaming today for sure. The on again, off again relationship with our winter apparel is giving us some real summer fever. But thankfully, spring has sprung and we’re hoping for some clear skies moving forward onto summertime. But those sunny rays can’t help but start an itch for some of our favorite summer time classics. Who’s with us?

Lounging on a blanket with the fam at Brazos Nights

The true herrald of warm weather in Waco—late nights of music and merriment next to the suspension bridge. It wouldn’t be summertime without a warm night posted up on a blanket listening to music and getting a wide variety of people watching.

Finishing off a date night with a Pokey-O’s run

It speaks for itself. Top off any date night with a late night Pokey Os run and it’s the perfect cherry on top (though they do not offer said cherry on top of their ice-cream sandwiches.) It used to be a hit-and-miss situation trying to locate their mobile treats, (and, heavan forbid they were booked for a private event) but since their new brick and mortar location opened up in the Hilton Hotel you can confidently count on the perfect ending to your date night.

Enjoying a night cap at the Hightop

One of our coolest new downtown additions, The Hightop, gives all the feels of an up and coming downtown chic bar. When you combine that with amazing weather and that high-in-the-air-breeze feel that you only get in other cities, it’s a whole new elevated (literally) version of Waco that we can get used to. Get there early and you can even snag a corner seat to look out over 8th and Austin. And, dare we say it, the elevated ambiance is one that closely resembles the hub-bub of real city-life living. We treasure each and every car screech, honk and rev because it just means downtown vibrancy and we’re all about it.

Taking a casual stroll across Baylor campus

Baylor does an incredible job of making its campus a destination and experience of its own. We’ve heard the phrase “Ivy League of the South” tossed around a couple of times, and we’ve gotta say we like the nice ring it has to it. They’ve taken so many intentional steps towards making their environment as aesthetically stimulating as it is academically invigorating, and we appreciate that kind of attention to detail and count ourselves lucky that we have access to such intentional outdoor space in Waco. Between the hundred year old oak trees and actual live bear sightings, it’s not something to take for granted.

Soaking up some rays with a day out on the river

Whether a paddle boarding on the Brazos, jumping on a river safari, or just chilling at Indian Spring Park watching the sunset, nothing cools ya off quite as much as feeling the breeze by the Brazos. And now you can take in a greater holistic view of the river by looping around on the new walking path. You can discover whole new kinds of terrain taking a lap around, and get some good excersise in the process.

Stealing 30 minutes extra for lunch at a food park

There’s this sweet-spot period of time in Waco’s weather where the sun is warm and inviting, the breeze is just chilly enough to combat any sweat that threatens to spoil your mood and the sky looks straight out of Toy Story. When this kind of weather hits, you don’t want to miss a single second of it—and that means that your workday lunchtime is best spent grabbing a bite to eat at one of our many, many food trucks to get in that vitamin D. Chowtown and the Silos make for the great day time lunch date with the special guy or gal enjoying some hearty food, a vibrant atmosphere, and even better weather.

The good news is that you don’t really have to wait too terribly long to get your spring-fever itch scratched. But the bad news is that Waco weather tends to “bounce” into each season—meaning that right when you think 75-degree weather is here to stay…a 35-degree cold front comes in rather abruptly. So, moral of the story—get out those denim shorts and sandals! But keep your winter coats and sweaters close by. The latest we’ve seen snow here in Waco was Easter in April of 2007, so you really never know. #shouldershrug