I scream… you scream… you know where we’re headed. It’s ICE CREAM SEASON! Summer is just about here and with warm weather comes delicious cravings for everyone’s favorite frozen summer treat. To celebrate, our team has put together a list of some of Waco’s timeless classics, establishing staples, and even some newcomers. However you like your ice cream served, chances are, one of these awesome places can make it happen. Check out these sweet six places to get ice cream in Waco!

Food from Pokey O's food truck in front of Dichotomy in Downtown Waco

Pokey Os

Some of who lack strong willpower (myself…) have to unfollow these guys on social media because their dang ice cream cookie sandwiches looking amazing on Instagram. If you’re like us, you know the late night conversation that follows an Instagram post and the casual comment of “should we get Pokey Os?”, “let’s see where they’re at… they’re at Dichotomy till 11.” (Car peels away quickly towards downtown).

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Katie's Frozen Custard in Waco Texas

Katies Frozen Custard

Somehow, this place always seems to be just around the corner from where you finished up your dinner. When that sweet treat craving kicks in, head on over to one of Waco’s finest. Once you arrive and gander over the mega menu outside their establishment, you’ll understand why this place is “the greatest place on earth”.

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Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream

The newcomer to downtown, Subzero has been blowing up the social media world in Waco. Left and right, above and below, feeds are filled with this nitrogen packed punch of a frozen treat. If you want some delicious ice cream as well as a really cool show, definitely swing by the riverside’s newest ice cream joint and dive in.

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gourmet ice cream at Heritage Creamery

Heritage Creamery

Another crowd favorite, Heritage Creamery is a fantastic place to go to sample some of Waco’s more artisan flavors. Combo a scoop of red velvet (a personal favorite) with their stellar ambiance and you’re guaranteed to knock your 1950s-era date out of the park.

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Hey Sugar

The place that has it all, if you’re looking for anything sweet and sugary, you guessed it, you need to go to Hey Sugar. They’ve got a medley of sweet treats in their store as well as bubbly beverages, but best of all, they’ve got a rocking ice cream parlor right in the heart of downtown. Enjoy their outdoor patio, an artsy pic outside on the strip or in front of their mural, and savor the delicious ice cream on a warm summers eve.

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Health Camp

Arguably the true OG, Health Camp may be known for their burgers, but don’t forget about their baller milkshakes. They’ve got every combo under the sun it feels like when you take a look at their menu. And whether you’re wanting to switch things up, or stick with the classic, stopping by here for a shake before heading out to find a star-gazing spot is always a win.

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Wherever you wind up, just know you can’t go wrong when it comes to ice cream in Waco. And even better, summer lasts a really long time in Waco, Texas. So, just head on out to the next ice cream joint tomorrow night too. See you out there!