There’s just something about food trucks that’s easy to fall in love with. Whether it’s the rosy-eyed idea of converting an old, run-down shipping truck into your very own Monalisa on wheels, or the complete freedom of the road and its entrepreneurial opportunity that entices you, everyone has their back-of-their-mind food truck idea waiting in the works just in case the opportunity to strike ever presents itself.

And for those not quite ready to jump out on their own, seeing other successful chefs and entrepreneurs take the leap is simply inspiring. For the last few years, Waco has definitely been inspired. We’ve witnessed the birth of many new food trucks all across the community and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. Food trucks in Waco are definitely booming and for a lucky few, success has proved sustainable. So much so, they’ve decided to take an even bigger risk and expand their operations into full-time brick and mortars. Coming soon, here are six food trucks opening new storefronts in 2018!

The Mac House opened by Cheddar Box in Waco Texas

Cheddar Box is opening the “Mac” House

Started in 2014 at the Downtown Waco Farmers Market, Cheddar Box has quickly become a fan favorite for both tourists and locals. They purchased their first food trailer in the fall of 2015 and landed in the Silos by October of the same year and haven’t looked back since. They recently announced their expansion in December for their new location the “Mac” House, which let’s be honest is the greatest name to complement the Cheddar Box. Well done, very well done. The location will open up in 2018 and it’ll be at the old Vitek’s drive-thru location on Franklin Ave.

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Milo Biscuit Co. is opening Milo All Day

Chances are, you’ve already seen Milo’s new building in the works. It’s kind of hard to miss seeing as it’s the jumbo, green automotive building on Franklin and 11th that’s getting a pretty large overhaul right now. Milo has long been a food truck favorite, and recently, they’ve announced many exciting updates like the relocation of their current truck from the Silos to out front of Pinewood Roasters at 23rd and Austin in Uptown. Additionally, they just announced the opening of an additional food truck location specifically focused on their famous Hot Chicken. Location is still undisclosed but make sure to follow along on their social media to find out first.

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Honky Tonk Kid BBQ is moving closer to the Brazos

Currently operating out of the Downtown 301 parking lot, this BBQ joint is moving over one block in 2018 to its new downtown location at Mary and University Parks. Right behind Fuzzy’s Tacos, this new location is definitely going to be a hot spot around dinner time.

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Luna Juice Bar coming soon sign in Uptown Waco

Luna Juice Bar is joining Uptown

They’re a juice bar with a great story—and they’re moving into uptown! Healthy options are in high demand, and we are very excited for this big move. Be on the lookout for their extremely photogenic blended watermelon! We typically see them held up against the silos, but with this new location you may see the blended watermelon proudly held up to the Alico.

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Happy Harvest and Bare Bucha's new location in Uptown Waco

Happy Harvest & Bare Bucha are landing on 25th St.

Usually found at the Farmers Market on the weekends, or at Pinewood Roasters during the week, the Bare Bucha kegerator truck has been a hit around our community. Owned by serial entrepreneur Toby Tull, who also owns Happy Harvest, both businesses are set to be expanding into a new brick and mortar between Austin and Washington Ave on 25th street in Uptown. This new space will be a restaurant featuring some of the delicious meals from Happy Harvest and additionally, it’ll be hosting a kombucha bar.

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Westside Pizza Co. is expanding to Woodway

A newcomer to our food truck scene, Westside Pizza Co has sneakily been hidden away behind Heritage Creamery and Common Grounds over on Baylor’s side of 35 on 8th street. It was recently announced that Common Grounds would be expanding into a second storefront over more towards Woodway on Highway 84 and it looks like Westside Pizza Co will be joining them. Pictures of their development can be found on their facebook right now as they’re making progress, but don’t wait until their new location to try them out, swing by CG and see how good they are for yourself.

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silo baking co airstream in waco texas

Flip the Script — the Silo Baking Co. is going mobile

While the rest of these trucks are going retail, we’ve got one in our midst that’s doing just the opposite. Our much desired Silo Baking Co. located at Magnolia Market is finally launching their airstream full time out into the local public. No longer will you have to fight the crowds to access these amazing treats, but now, we will be able to find them right in our backyard. The shiplap cupcake awaits, my friends.