The thing about fall in Waco is that you have to know when it hits. Those who say fall never hits Waco simply don’t know where to see it and haven’t ventured too far to find it.  So bundle up (in layers because let’s be real, we are still in central Texas and you’re going to work up a sweat) and go get in the fall spirit.

Fall things to do in Waco

Hike through Cameron Park

The fact that we have an inner-city park with as much foliage as Cameron Park is honestly quite incredible. This place starts to show signs of fall way before the rest of Waco, and we should take full advantage of it. Hike around the hills of Cameron Park, you won’t be disappointed.

Fall things to do in Waco

Go for a run on the new river trail

We can confidently say that the running path along the Brazos under I35 is one of our favorite additions to Waco this year. Not only was it completed ahead of time and under budget (hollah) but it creates a beautiful, breezy fall foilage filled running path along one of our most aesthetically pleasing places in the city. Grab a bike, grab Fido or just grab some comfy shoes to take a stroll along the Brazos River.

Fall things to do in Waco

Attend a Baylor football game

Although it has been a tough season for the bears, it’s been amazing to watch the Baylor fan base come out. We are no fare-weather fans in this city. Our last home game is this weekend, and perhaps the most quintessential way to spend a fall-festive weekend is to go to a chilly tailgate before a rousing game of football.

And just our two-cents: Waco is defined by our resilient comebacks— just look at our city’s history. A few well fought, proudly executed losses are nothing. We’ve got tough skin around these parts, and we trust the process.

Fall things to do in Waco

Grab something pumpkin spice

Common Grounds has a historically wonderful fall menu so grab it while you can before peppermint starts to replace pumpkin. Dichotomy also has a wonderful cocktail menu—featuring items like Jamacain Chai Tea, Fall Spiced Irish Coffee and a Spiced Apple Turnover beverage. And speaking of Chai, Pinewood has an excellent Chai Tea and their ambience is all the coolest aspects of cozy.

Fall things to do in Waco

Take your dog to the HOT dog park

If you haven’t been to the HOT dog park yet with Fido you should head there immediately. It is at it’s best this time of year. The weather is perfect, everyone is in good spirits and the leaves turn a beautiful golden color. And it’s also a great place to meet young professionals in the city. Nothing breaks the ice quite as well as kindly petting someone’s dog.

Fall things to do in Waco

Fall foliage spotted on Lifestyle Lane!

Take a drive

The thing about fall in Waco is that no, it’s not all incompassing—but that makes us appreciate it when we see it. It’s almost like a scavenger hunt. No, every tree is not going to be bright red, but when we encounter one that’s a vibrant shade it’s a treat.

It may take until late November for fall to show up, but dang if it doesn’t look good when it gets here. Happy exploring, Waco.