Waco is becoming a big deal. So much so that TripAdvisor awarded us the #2 spot for their “Destinations on the Rise” award within the US. We are literally just behind Hawaii people… 2017 definitely proved to be a great year for us and 2018 is shaping up to be even better. New businesses are popping up everywhere and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite announcements for new businesses coming to Waco in 2018. Check it out! 

Union Hall

If you told us 4 years ago that Waco would be getting its very own food hall, we would’ve even told you you’re crazy. But, here we are. With the incredible growth of our local economy, the budding entrepreneurial climate, and a strengthening foodie culture, we now will be home to a 27-vendor food hall. Located on Franklin Avenue, this space is set to quickly become an icon and an attraction for our community. 

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Brotherwell Brewing

Waco is now home to a world-renowned distillery, three local vineyards, a rooftop wine bar, and very soon, a brand new, East Waco brewery. This is crazy people. Whispers of their beer have been passing around Waco for years. Now, Brotherwell Brewing is only months away from opening their doors full time. It’s hard to decide if we should be more excited about the release of their beer or the fact that they are bringing new activity to East Waco. Either way, it can’t come soon enough and we have no doubt once they’re open, their tasting room will be filled. 

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Waco Pedal Tours

After a successful soft launch in early December, Waco Pedal Tours just announced that they will be launching their new tours this weekend! Currently run out of the Waco Escape Rooms, this 14-person pedal bike business is launching multiple new tours in 2018. Everything from history to food to various bar crawls are rumored to be in the works. Whatever the tour, this is sure to be a great time. And once the weather warms up, this will be a fantastic way to cool off on those warm summer nights. 

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Fabled Bookshop

Serial entrepreneurs, Kimberly and Blake Batson are at it again. Partnered up this time with newcomer, Alison Frenzel, Fabled Bookshop will be a clear win for downtown Waco. Rumored to potentially have between 20,000-30,000 books once its open, this bookshop/cafe will provide another beautiful space to relax, study or work for the Waco community.

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Tesla’s Cafe & Coffee Pub

Sneakily tucked away on Washington Avenue, this business has quietly been developing in preparation for the 2018 calendar year. Tesla’s is technically already open, and man is it amazing. Their beautiful, Victorian home juxtaposed by the steampunk, Nikola Tesla design creates a stellar, NYC brunch-style atmosphere that definitely beefs up Waco’s cool cred. It won’t be long before this place is well known and consistently visited by both locals and tourists. 

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2018 has only just begun, and man are we excited for it. These are but a few of the many great things headed our way this year, so stay tuned, Wacotown. It’s going to be a good one.