2018 is upon us! If you’re one of the individuals in our city that has made a resolution to run more this year, then this article is perfect for you. We’ve found five of our favorite running trails in Waco for you to check out this January. Unfortunately, this year is starting out a bit cold, but hopefully, these trails will keep things fresh and exciting for you. So throw on another jacket and get out there. Hit the pavement, Waco- it’s a beautiful day to go running. 

Cotton Belt Trail

Cottonbelt Trail in Waco Texas

Hidden between Waco and McGregor, the Cotton Belt Trail is a surprise find. If you’re wanting to get away from the public eye, this is a great running trail in Waco to go to. It’s a little hilly, but the concrete is smooth making it a great path with a little challenge to it.

2.5 miles | Trail Map | Directions

The Brazos Riverwalk

Brazos River Trail in Waco Texas

The east side of the Brazos River Walk is a new addition to Waco. Not only was it finished ahead of schedule, but it’s also a new and beautiful way to see the seasons change. The path is lined with trees so whatever season your in, the sites will be beautiful. This trail is also easily combined with the Cameron Park River Trail if you’re looking to get more milage in.

5-7 miles | Trail Map | Directions

The Waco Dam

The Waco Dam Trail

The Waco Dam is one of Waco’s best kept secrets. It’s a gem of a location to get some exercise when the weather is good. The pavement is smooth and there is very little variation in the incline (or lack there of) so it’s a wonderful, steady pace and a great location with an even better view. One word of caution—during the summer it can have a very large gnat population so the best time to hit this trail is probably during the colder months.

2.8 miles | Trail Map | Directions

Cameron Park River Trail

Cameron Park River Trail in Waco Texas

The Cameron Park River Trail is great if you’re looking for some cooler temperatures and a change in scenery. It’s a dirt path so be weary of tripping opportunities, but in the summer there’s no cooler place to run. Being right next to the water and under heavy limb coverage, this trail will keep your spirits high in the midst of our hottest months.

2 miles | Trail Map | Directions

The Bear Trail

The Bear Trail on Baylor University campus in Waco Texas

The bear trail is a great way to get in a lot of mileage in a confined area. It’s path run’s a full circle around Baylor’s campus allowing you repeat the trail easily, change directions, or to make a pitstop after you catch a wiff of the SUB and the on-campus Chick-Fil-A. But, maybe don’t do that if you’re trying to be healthy.  

2.5 miles | Trail Map | Directions

Bonus Mega Run

If you’re working towards the Bearathon, an upcoming marathon, or the newly announced Iron Man (lets go, Waco) we’d recommend connecting the Bear Trail, Brazos Riverwalk and the Cameron Park River Trail to get some serious mileage. The installation of the east side of the Brazos Riverwalk makes this transition between trails seamless and allows for some serious distance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Go out, explore, and let us know what other trails you discover. Let’s make this the year we all stick to our healthy new year’s resolutions. See you out there, Wacotown!