Halloween is here and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by sharing some of our favorite scary stories around Waco. We’d recommend flipping on some lights for this one. Enjoy!

 Lindsey Hollow Road

In the late 1800s, two young brothers crept onto a local rancher’s property near Cameron Park. The two brothers otherwise known as the Lindsey Brothers stole some of the rancher’s livestock. Upon discovery of the theft, the ranchers chased after the boys and eventually caught up with the thieves. It is said that the ranchers murdered the boys and hung them in a nearby tree along what is now known as Lindsey Hollow Road. Locals today have reported sightings of bodies hanging in a nearby tree, soft screams floating in the wind, and feelings of temporary paralysis while walking along the road.

 Witch’s Castle

In the early 1900s, a woman living in the woods of Cameron Park was suspected of being a witch. Rumors spread that she performed witchcraft in the nights on young children that traveled near her home. After numerous disappearances, a mob formed and burned her home to the ground with her inside. Those that have been brave enough to visit the ruins since have reported smells of decaying flesh, sounds of screams, gasps, and banging noises near the building.

The Motorcycle/Tarpits

In the early 1970s, the local tarpits just downhill from Lovers Leap became a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and daredevils. The enthusiasts and risk takers would take turns jumping the pits for sport. It is said that one young man died at the pits when attempting to jump it. His mother, full of grief, visited the site every day after his death to mourn her loss. After her death only a few decades later, reports came out of a weeping ghost in the area where her son died. Some have even claimed to see floating orbs moving in the trees near the cursed spot.

Happy Halloween, Wacotown! Don’t let this rain put a damper on your night. Go out, dress up, get some candy and just maybe, play a couple tricks. See you in November!

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