It’s December 15th. In other words, it’s only 10 days until Christmas.

To some, this seems like plenty of time to grab all the necessary holiday gifts for family and friends. Others have had their gifts since black Friday, but still need to hunt down little knick-knacks for stocking stuffers and such.

But everyone can find a ‘lil somethin in Waco.

The first, and most enticing pro Waco has for holiday shopping is the minimal amount of traffic and lines. Shopping in Waco has become more and more eclectic to fit even the pickiest of needs.

So have no fear, Waco, your shopping guide is here.

For your lady:

Grae Apparel – Located in Spice Village, this clothing boutique legitimately has everything for any woman. From jewelry to clothing sizes in all ranges (plus sizes included!) to shoes, you sincerely will be able to find what you need.

Mainstream Boutique -This trendy store on Franklin Ave has adorable tops, comfortable jeans (hard to find in Waco) and beautiful accessories. Plus the lady who owns the store is there to help you along the way and is a blast and a half to hang out with.

Wildland – For your trendy, stripe and solid color wearing lady (me) this is the place to shop. You feel trendy just walking into the store. This store is predominately white, very instagramable and is just plain chic. Extremely proud to have a store of this caliber hit Waco.

Roots – This boutique, located below Spice, carries Free People and that right there is reason enough to get some holiday shopping done there. Everyone loves Free People, few know they can get it in Waco.

Experiences for your lady: 

Wine Shoppe – Win win here. A gift card to the Wine Shoppe means a chic date night for the two of you. You can’t go wrong with this.

Refine 31 – They have extremely comfortable workout clothes and extremely encouraging workouts. We all know someone who wants to take some more “me-time” for their New  Years resolution, so give them the gift of up-lifting, kick-butt classes to give them a head-start.

For your man:

Herbert Amos Clothier – Waco has been desperately needing a place to shop for our men. Herbert Amos is here to provide us with classy mens clothing, accessories and knick-knacks.

Bear Mountain – I’m fairly confident that anything in this store would be a good choice for the men in your life. From clothing, to water bottles and bikes you’ll find something for your dude.

Experiences for your man: 

Balcones – Waco’s award winning whiskey distillery does tours and that’s all you need to know.

Waco Escape Rooms – Another date night win, this gift card provides a fun, adventurous date night for the both of you.


Di’Amore – They carry fine jewelry and I mean fiiiiinnnee jewelry. If your looking for a sparkly little something, they have it.

Summer Elis Jewelry – They have the trendiest jewelry in Waco, made in Waco. Their store is located next to Interior Glow on Franklin and has the prettiest, daintiest pieces that your special someone can wear everyday.

Coreopsis – I’ve said it once and I will continue to say it, they have Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott makes people happy. That is all.

Stocking Stuffers:

Spice Village – Spice Village literally has everything you will ever need to fill up someone’s stocking. Everything. This is the only stop you’d need to make. And everything is cute.

World Market – I don’t normally promote chains on the website, but this particular chain is my favorite and I am so glad it is Waco. They have so many little trinkets that make filling up stockings easy. Plus they have adorable stockings if your need them.

For your out-of-town people: 

Magnolia – I think you all saw this one coming. Everyone you loves anything from Magnolia. Whether that’s a gift card, mug or the new Civic Line Waco pictures it’s sure to please all.

Harp Design Co – They sell adorable waco ornaments for all your family and friends who need to be reminded how awesome Waco is every holiday season.

Common Grounds – They’re shirts and mugs are iconically adorable and a good thing to sport around. Especially if given to a previous Waco resident. They memories from the gift might just bring them back to our ‘co.

Needless to say, you have many options to choose from. And the best part about it is that this is just a SMALL glimpse of what’s available in Waco. I wasn’t able to add everything on here because it would take until Christmas to read all of it.

Shop on Waco, you’ve got 10 days.