1102 Bubble Tea & Coffee takes the cake as one of the coolest interior design layouts that we’ve seen in Waco. This new bubble tea and coffee shop in Tinsley Square is the pinnacle of mid-century modern design and they’re so ahead of their time that they actually serve you your drink in a light bulb. I know, it’s pretty shocking (alternative pun, this place is lit.) Sorry.

A look inside

The space itself is pretty intimate. When you walk in, you see essentially three different options for where to sit. To your left, you have standard wood-topped tables, to your right ground level, geometric forts that are super cool and pretty comfy, and then straight back and to the right of the bar are some small booths next to a jumbo wall of greenery that look perfect for a good study sesh.

Left side seating inside 1102 Bubble Tea and Coffee in Waco Texas

Ground level seating inside 1102 Bubble Tea and Coffee in Waco TexasBooths by the wall of greenery at 1102 Bubble Tea and Coffee in Waco Texas

What to get

If it’s your first time to try bubble tea or simply to visit 1102, the menu can be pretty intimidating. But, their team on staff did a great job explaining everything and you can try samples before committing to anything so don’t worry. If you’re still not sure to get, the Green Thai is a great entry drink into the world of bubble tea. If you’ve never had bubble tea before, just be prepared for a new texture. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty dang good honestly.

Menu at 1102 Bubble Tea and Coffee in Waco TexasGreen Thai Organic Milk Tea from 1102 Bubble Tea and Coffee in Waco Texas

Final Thoughts

This is 1102’s second location, the first being in Arlington, TX. They’ve dubbed this space as the “Secret Garden” location. Clearly, with all the interior greenery this title really fits quite well, but based off of the foot traffic we saw today, it won’t be too long until this place is no longer a “secret”.

Hours & Info

Monday-Thursday: 10am to 11pm

Friday-Saturday: 10am to 12am

Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

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