Spring weather in Texas is the most inviting weather to sit outside and enjoy food, drinks and ambiance. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite outdoor seating options in hopes that you get to take advantage of the opportunity before the weather gets too toasty.

We’ve overheard conversations about how Waco doesn’t offer many places to enjoy the outdoors while eating or drinking, and we’re here to tell you otherwise.


Obviously Dichotomy has one of the best outdoor seating options in Waco because they are one of the only true (legal) rooftop options. Their view of the Alico is unparalleled and the Waco mural is just the cherry on top. This is one of those locations you can spend a chunk of time at sipping a drink, eating one of their lesser known but incredibly delicious appetizers and enjoying the breeze.

Cajun Craft

Cajun Craft (the new and improved Krispy Chicken) has one of the coolest outdoor patio’s in Waco. Their attention to detail is swanky and trendy and the plants make the whole place inviting. Not to mention the food is absolutely delicious. This is a spring-time must.

Coach’s Smoke Barbecue

Coach’s also has an incredible view of downtown, but they also have one of the coolest backdrop walls for photos. Their stripped wall in the back of their outdoor seating area is the perfect pop of color to be chic and trendy in your “look who I’m eating lunch with” posts. Try their mac’n cheese. It’s incredible.

The Wine Shoppe

The inside of the Wine Shoppe can’t be beat as far as Instagram opportunities go, but you need to check out their back patio. It has string lights and bistro tables and is magical during golden hour. Not to mention the house across the street is beautiful and adds to the general ambiance very positively. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as sipping an exotic wine under string lights at sunset.

The Grape

The Grape’s patio is perfect for those who don’t like the full effects of outdoor dining (wind…sun…etc..) but want fresh air and spring weather. Their patio is unclosed in a little oasis of shrubbery and tasteful fencing. You get a little shield of privacy while maintaining the light breeze of summer while eating your delicious cheese cake.

The Backyard Bar and Grill

The best thing about The Backyard is that if feels like a backyard. Everything is outdoor friendly. Their outdoor area is one of the coolest collection of eclectic pockets of places to hang out. Basically they took a kid’s dream backyard and turned it into a reality. They hold concerts and serve food and drinks- it’s a great way to spend time outside.

The Silos

The Bakery is quite possibly the most photogenic location in Waco. It is bright and cute and makes the already adorable cupcakes more adorable. The picnic benches by the food trucks have striped overhead coverage, and the plethora of food options makes everyone happy. Not to mention you can bring Fido.

The Hippodrome

Not only is the Hippodrome right on Austin Avenue, putting you in the heart of downtown, but their outdoor patio area is open, breezy and hosts live music and trivia. Watch their social media for details about their events because they’re constantly doing cool things. And when the weather is good, they do cool things on the patios. Check them out.

Common Grounds

If you haven’t been to one of their outdoor concerts and experienced their style of live music, you’re missing out. Their concerts are up close and personal and their outdoor area is a big part of it. It’s got all kinds of cool seating options, it’s surrounded by lights and is enclosed so it feels nice and tight and intimate. You can sit outside for hours sipping some coffee or tea and then you can sneak out to grab some ice cream right next door at Heritage Creamery.

Lula Janes

Not only do they have multiple different pockets for places to sit, but they have absolutely delicious things to nibble on while you’re sitting there. And you can feel good about what you’re eating too because it’s wholesome, good food. Watch out for their social media for food updates. Especially their Thursday Cake.

This is another scenario where after creating the first list, we realize there are too many places for eating outside in Waco than we can put into one list. I mean we don’t even have Katie’s, Jake’s Texas Tea House, Buzzard Billy’s, or Bru on here yet so stay tuned for me.

So this is just Part I. And we want to hear from you for Part II. Where is your favorite outdoor Waco patio?

Go enjoy the outdoors, Waco.