Days like today make the idea of working inside sound absolutely miserable. When the weather is this good, you can’t help but wish for a change of scenery and a gentle breeze in the air as you work away. If you’re itching to switch up the scenery and to get outdoors, this article is for you.

Backyard Fence at Common Grounds in Waco Texas

Common Grounds

A classic location for Baylor alumni in Waco, this coffee shop has a fantastic back patio and covered side patio with plenty of seating, delicious coffee, and peaceful ambiance.

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Pinewood Roasters in Uptown Waco

Pinewood Roasters

If you’re wanting something a little more energetic, this coffee shop tends to always have a lively buzz, amazing music, and a killer patio. Get there quick though to ensure a seat, otherwise, you might be standing in the corner.

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The patio at the Magnolia Silos

Magnolia Silos

Unknown to much of the local population, the Silos actually have amazing, accessible, and free wifi open to the public. They’re working with AT&T to test the newest level of wireless capabilities meaning you can grab a table and enjoy the weather as well as the best wifi in town. Plus, you’re surrounded by amazing food trucks for quick snack breaks.

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Bru Artisan Coffee Works in downtown Waco


Quite literally tucked away, inside an old elevator shaft, in fact, this gem of a coffee shop combos up in the bottom of the Praetorian building in downtown with a local furniture store to create a stellar, relaxed ambiance. The building has a perimeter of outdoor seats that create a perfect way to enjoy the weather or to dip your toe in by sitting next to the jumbo window from the inside.

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Inside Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits in Waco Texas


Keeping with the coffee shop trend, this space has a front patio and a killer rooftop patio both great for spending the day in meetings or just pounding away on the laptop. The best part is that once 5 pm rolls around, you can just take a few steps over and go enjoy a nice glass of wine or specialty cocktail to take the edge off after a long day.

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Indoor apparel store inside Native Sons Coffee Roasters

Native Sons Coffee Roasters

The new guys in town have not one, but two outdoor patios. So pick your favorite and soak in the rays while getting to experience something new. Their indoor space is pretty stellar too and there is plenty of seating so if you’re looking for a place to plug in and plant for a while, this is a great choice.

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Inside Collins Street Bakery in Waco Texas

Collins Street Bakery

Too often forgotten, this beautiful building/bakery is a phenomenal place to spend the workday. Most of the walls are windows and you get to smell delicious baked goods all day. If you’re inspired by pretty things, this place is definitely worth checking out.

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Secret Gardens on Baylor University's campus in Waco, TX

Secret Garden by Armstrong

Tucked away on Baylor campus is a stunning garden. It might take hotspot capabilities from your phone if you’re not a student to really get some work done out there, but this is just one of the many beautiful locations across the campus.

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Lula Janes in East Waco

Lula Janes

Adventure over to East Waco and spend the day at Lula Janes. They have a decent amount of seating and a lot of it is outdoors. Grab a slice of their amazing cakes for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

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Common Grounds and Heritage Creameries back lot in Waco Texas

Heritage Creamery

And last but certainly not least, this trendy ice cream shop has a handful of outdoor seats on the back patio and porch. Especially when the weather is this good, you’ll want to be working here because inevitably, you’ll probably be craving a scoop of their baller ice cream by the end of the day.

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At the end of the day, when the weather is this good, you can’t find a bad place to work outside. Have somewhere else in mind that we missed? Let us know some of your favorite places to work outside in town.