I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who crave something a little bit fresher when the weather starts to get warm. Whether it be a fresh watermelon or just a nice glass of iced tea on the front porch, there’s just something about summertime that kicks in the need to eat healthier. It may also have to do with beach bod season but we won’t talk about that… Whether you’re just trying to stay cool or if you’re trying to get ready for the beach, this list of 10 health places to eat in Waco is a great start to finding your next meal.

The Mix Cafe in Waco Texas

The Mix Cafe

Their original location was out in Hewitt, so when they made the move over to Baylor campus we sincerely rejoiced. To put it to you this way, before Brussel Sprouts were cool they introduced us to their roasted brussel sprout salad with feta cheese and candied walnuts and we never looked back. Their salads are hearty, healthy (don’t get the candied pecans) and you just can’t beat their sweet potato fries.

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Talk More Meals

These guys are a true hidden gem of Waco. Talk More Meals is a food prep store that does the cooking for you, allowing you to spend more time with your family. They’ve created a wide array of options including paleo, whole 30 and vegan meals ready for pick up to take home with you. If you’re in a time crunch, they’re fast and budget friendly.

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Food for Thought in Waco Texas

Food for Thought

Everyone knows and loves this Baylor favorite and our hearts broke a little bit when they closed down for renovations. But, they’re BACK with open arms and Cheesy Avocados in each hand. Pro tip—if you’re paleo or on Whole30, get the Cheesy Avo’s without dairy. They’ll whip it up for you no questions asked, and it tastes extra delicious with their house salsa.

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Luna Juice

Little did you know, Luna Juice actually serves up wellness packs, soups, smoothies and yum yum balls (power balls). If you’re a cleanse kind of person, they do all the hard work for you (and we mean it, have you tried juicing? getting all possible liquid out of solids is no joking matter) You can order holistic plans to kick-start your system into high-gear without the elbow pains.

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Food from Milo food truck at the Magnolia Silos in Waco Texas

Milo All Day

If you can’t eat another salad but don’t want to completely blow your good eating habits—Milo is the solution. Here’s the thing, you can’t go wrong with locally sourced foods made from real, quality ingredients and these are the pillars Milo stands on. And they’re super friendly with customizing orders to fit your dietary needs if you’re with a group of people who aren’t following your personal diet plan, this is a great place to please everyone. 

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Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest is getting a downtown physical location in 2018 and we could not be happier about it. Their motto is “eat better, not less” and if that doesn’t tell you the kind of company they are then nothing will. We are 100% in support of a phrase like that. They have meal prep you can order ahead, multi-course dinners to enjoy out on the farm, and you can find them popped up around town in places like Pinewood and the Farmers Market while they’re waiting on their permanent location.

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Olive Branch

We’re going to say it, right here, right now—Olive Branch has the best omelets in town. Don’t take this statement lightly. When you’re trying to eat healthy, an omelet is truly your best option in many cases (hello, brunch…. where everyone else is eating a 3-stack pancake meal) and because of this, it’s really necessary to ensure the omelet choice is quality. Aside from breakfast they also have a wide variety of soup and salad options making them an all-around crowdpleaser.

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Club Sandwich

This may blow your mind so brace yourself. Order the trashcan with two meats, veggies and then ~skip~ the rice. Boom. No go forth and enjoy your lunch at the Silos.

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Oh My Juice in downtown Waco Texas

Oh My Juice

Two words: Acai bowl. Oh My Juice is our resident smoothie bowl provider and for that, we are eternally grateful. If you don’t know what these are—it’s blended fruits topped with delicious toppings that basically give you your entire days worth of veggie servings in one sitting. When the day gets hot and you’re wanting ice cream, this is your saving grace.

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Lula Janes

This is another location that really focuses on locally sourced foods—in fact, they actually grow a lot of the foods they use themselves. If you have enough willpower to scroll by their Thursday cake—and honestly that does take quite a bit of willpower—keep an eye on their social media for their lunch specials. They offer a really wide variety of goodies that will keep your taste buds, and wallet, happy.

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If you tried eating healthy and then tearfully realized olive oil is 100 calories PER teaspoon and you’ve been doing it wrong for a month and truly want to learn what is better—rumor around the block is that the “Healthy Lifestyle Secrets” class is a great way to start your learning process.

Waco is known for burgers, and we’re proud of it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a few months of the year to get our cleanse on.